Classy Workplace Attire Changes For 2013
Workplace attire for both men and women has changed over the years. Not so long ago, working women were expected to wear dresses and pantyhose on a regular basis. Professional styles for men were also less than casual. But things have changed. Nowadays, both men and women can enjoy a more relaxed attitude toward work attire.

Casual But Classy

Clothes are meant to look good, but they should also be comfortable. Dressing for success shouldn’t feel constrictive or restraining. Classy casual is the definitive look for 2013, but be aware that classy comes in many variations. Classy casual attire includes everything from chic and classy jeans to stylish dresses and skirts. Whether you work in an office setting or you are an on-the-go real estate agent, looking good is important. Classy casual clothing is the perfect solution; it looks great and it’s comfortable to wear. Learning to take the idea of comfort seriously is the key to fully enjoying the classy casual trend. Women are not restricted to skirts in any one length or style. In fact, women can choose to wear dresses, skirts, or pants to work. This freedom has exploded the fashion industry. It allows each and every individual an opportunity to choose the style they are most comfortable with for work. Classy casual clothing provides a stylish and tasteful look that works in virtually any environment.

Piecing It Together

Getting started with this look does not have to be expensive. You can start with some basic pieces and build your wardrobe from there. For example, purchase an elegant but basic suit jacket in black, gray, or other neutral color and add a matching pair of pants or skirt. Mix and match these items with eye-catching shirts, camisoles or blouses and a few accessories. The result will be a very professional and classy look. The idea is to start with items that will build the foundation of your wardrobe. You can then add other pieces as time goes on. Soon you will have a closet full of clothing that is comfortable and that looks terrific.

Casual Fridays Never Looked Better

Casual Fridays are recognized as a ‘dress-down day’ for many workers. However, it should be remembered that this concept can be taken to the extreme. The idea of dressing in a casual fashion does not include things like ball caps, tank tops, flip-flops, or jeans with tears and rips. Casual clothing can be fitted but it should not be form-fitting. Make casual Fridays a time to wear a more relaxed look, but keep it professional. For example, men may opt to wear a pair of khaki pants or jeans and a stylish shirt. No ties are needed on dress-down day. Women may elect to wear casual slacks or jeans along with a chic top. Jackets, scarves, and other accessories can be used to complete the outfit. When it comes to fashion choices we’ve come a long way. Fortunately, designers have taken note of the fact that comfort is as important as style. By choosing classy casual looks we can have the best of both in 2013! Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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