The 5 Commandments of Getting Hired in Entertainment

The 5 Commandments of Getting Hired in Entertainment

Thou Shalt Not Lie on Your Resume

The bottom line (and also the TOP line, for that matter) is that everyone in entertainment knows everyone and discovering a lie will almost certainly 'cause a recruiter or HR exec or potential boss to toss your resume in the trash and never consider you for another position again. Are we clear here? Okay, onto…

Thou Shalt Not Blow a Temp Gig or Internship

These are golden opportunities. Even working for FREE in entertainment (for neither financial compensation nor school credit) is a golden opportunity. Be focused, be pleasant, be hardworking… even if you think no one is paying attention. I guarantee you, someone will notice.

Thou Shalt Not Badmouth the Boss

This means the boss at your temp job, internship, or free gig, as well as your previous or current boss if you are in a job interview. Never. Ever. 'Cause here’s the thing: When you badmouth the boss, it always makes you look bad. People will think you have a bad attitude. And if the boss in question is a notorious nightmare who everyone knows about, saying measured, professional things about your experience working for them will make you look like a rock star. People will think “If she can handle him, she can handle anything.” Who wouldn’t want to give that impression?

Thou Shalt Not Act Entitled

It’s not that you don’t deserve a glamorous job or a parking space next to the building or a high salary or an executive title… oh wait, yes it is. Or maybe it is. What have you done to earn these things? If you are just starting out, you will probably have to do the work no one else wants to do. You will most likely have to park far away from the office (or set) and make little money. You will probably have the word “assistant” in your title, too. (Smile! You’re in entertainment! )

Thou Shalt Not Pass Up An Opportunity to Express Gratitude

Whether someone is hiring you, giving you a raise, or just calling you back with an important piece of information, thank you is always the appropriate response. Develop a reputation for gratitude and graciousness and you will be on your way to having a sterling reputation. And having a sterling reputation is a great way to quickly move up the ladder and toward your big entertainment dreams. Hired entertainment commandments image from Bigstock