4 Fixes For Common Beauty Problems

4 Fixes For Common Beauty Problems

Most of us have a morning beauty routine, and some of us make it a point to look fresh and put together each day. Whether you have a morning beauty routine or not, it's important to look your best on interview day (that means no tired eyes or body odor!). However, some things take time to heal or fix, so it's essential you plan ahead. Here are some common beauty problems and their remedies:

1. Xeroderma Or Xerodermia

Xerodermia , commonly known as dry skin occurs due to imbalance of biochemical process required to maintain skins proper moisture balance. Xerodermia is usually noticed on knuckles, face, arms, lower legs, and so on. Physiological changes, low relative humidity, vitamin deficiency, choline inhibitors, and adverse effects of medication result to this condition. The treatment:
  • Since the particular offender being the winter weather, try using moisturizers, makes use of ultra-mild cleanser and treating the affected areas with emollients will provide a solution.
  • Intense use of highly occlusive barriers to moisture also provides the needful solution.
  • If you find the beauty issue existing even after trying all the possible remedies, consult a doctor before it leads to any other problems.

2. Dark Spots

Getting rid of freckles and dark spots immediately after summer is one heck of a task. During summer, our body releases excess melanin and acts as a protective element harmful ultraviolet radiation. As we know there is always a negative effect which proceeds after a positive action. Unfortunately, using of chemicals or creams will do no good if the situation exists for a considerable period of time. The treatment:
  • Use of the natural ingredient, turmeric has potential benefits of minimizing the appearance of hyper pigmentation in a due course of time.
  • Skin cell turnover can be enhanced by making use of Vitamin B3 serums. Use of Vitamin B3 will inhibit the pigmentation process of the skin eventually.
  • At times, natural remedy will provide the required solution. A small bowl of fresh lemon juice, apple cider vinegar with horseradish root mixture (all in equal proportion) will help to get the radiant skin back.
  • Quite expensive way of treating the dark spots is to undergo a laser treatment. With the help of a medical professional it will help you find a permanent solution.

3. Swelling Around The Eyes

Fatigue and age plays a prominent role when it comes to swelling around eyes or puffy eyes . The major reason for cause is fluid retention and swelling in tissues. Other key factors which stimulates this condition include:
  • Interrupted sleep circles might lead to sleep deprivation
  • Curtailing the use of common salt/ sodium in common processed food will reduce the possibility of fluid retention.
  • Fluid retention and swelling is also encouraged by regular consumption of alcohol, caffeine and other drugs.
  • Dermatitis, a common skin disorder might trigger and pave way to swelling of eyes.
  • Improper functioning of tear glands can also leads to this condition
The treatment: Consumption of water at regular basis in a balanced proportion will help individuals to get rid of dehydration and provide a solution. Using natural astringent like sliced strawberries and grated potatoes. Above all, perfect diet with regular intake of green leafy vegetables and fruits will provide an efficient solution.

4. Body Odor

The most undeniable and pesky problem faced by human race is body odor. It can be due to climate, psychological conditions, and certain diseases. The treatment:
  • Antiperspirant deodorant on a daily basis will kill the harmful bacteria, which live on our skin.
  • Cutting down our lower the intake of strong spices, garlic and onions.
  • Dietary imbalance and deficiency in Zinc and magnesium might trigger to this condition. So, try to consult a doctor and make use of Zinc tablets.
  • Well-balanced diet with whole grains, greens and seasonal fruits.
  • Tea tree oil or diluted rosemary will provide extra deodorizing action when applied to the underarms.
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs.
  • Natural body deodorizers such as wheat grass and chlorophyll will also reduce body odor.
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