3 Benefits Of In-Country Customer Service

One of the most common complaints for customers (who are evaluating the customer service they receive from a company) is a lack of understanding caused when calls are redirected to an offshore call center. Customers have admitted to choosing the services of a company based largely on where their customer call centers are based. This applies to industries from telecommunications, to banking, mail order shopping, and home energy; customers across the board agree that a call center based in their home country counts in favor when they’re choosing a company.

3 Benefits Of In-Country Customer Service

Here are some benefits to not outsourcing customer service:

1. Language

It goes without saying that brilliant customer service relies on a mutual understanding between the customer and the company representative. Customers only make a call to a call center when they need help with something, often with little time to spare. They want to know that their problem will be dealt with efficiently; here a language barrier can cause communication problems, which can lead to extended call times or a lack of understanding resulting in a repeat call.

2. Cultural Understanding

Someone in the same country understands the day to day to operations in a country; things like the last cut off for post, normal work hours, school hours, and anything else that could potentially pose a problem when waiting for deliveries or maintenance men. Customers appreciate it when their customer service advisor understands their problems without explanation no matter how trivial the matter may seem.

3. Access To The Workforce

Employees report that meeting the person in charge of their company motivates them to deliver excellent service. By keeping call center jobs in your home country, dropping by on the center is a much more viable option that if half of your workforce is based halfway across the world. Many large corporations that moved operations out to cheaper countries in the past decade have been leaders in the wave of companies coming back to the UK. Faced with rising costs in previously affordable countries, corporations are finding that bringing services back to the UK is as cost effective as basing centers overseas.

Hiring A UK Workforce

Recruitment agencies already have a high number of applicants who are qualifies to work in call centers. When moving services back to the UK, a recruitment company can deal with the whole process of advertising positions, interviewing and processing contractual paperwork. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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