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Ever wonder how certain people seem to attract career opportunities either through promotions or new job offers? If you look closer, you’ll see that many of these successful people are ones who do a good job of treating everyone with courtesy and respect, while genuinely trying to expedite quality responses whenever possible. And since most business owners see fellow employees as internal customers, how well you “play” with others and go that extra mile can have positive, long-term effects on your career. So ask yourself this question: "Are you working as hard to create a pleasant and collaborative team environment as you are trying to please customers?" Good customer service can enhance your career, so you have every reason to get better at those types of skills. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” reads the famous Golden Rule. This is wise advice, not just for treating external company customers right, but also when working with company colleagues. Customer service matters inside the workplace as much as it does to the customer-facing side of the business. What you do, how you do it, and when you do it all affects how everyone else’s work flows within the company, and ultimately, how you are perceived as a team player and a strong employee. Stay vigilant about how you conduct yourself and treat others every single minute of every single day… you’ll be surprised that simply treating co-workers as internal customers can build people’s appreciation of what you are capable of and enhance your career reputation. Career customer service image from Bigstock

Learn how to land a career you love

It's always a good thing to give back. Whether it's doing hands-on service with a group like Habitat for Humanity or assisting in the back office of a local non-profit, there are benefits beyond money that come from volunteering.

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"Always read the fine print." Isn't that what they say? It's a vicious, dog-eat-dog business world and, more often than not, it's the underdog who suffers. However, if that underdog is properly prepared and has a few tricks up his or her sleeve, the tables could be turned.

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Let's first take a look at how your core values can positively impact your brand.

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