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Have you ever worked for someone who has made you want to pull your hair out piece by piece? We like to call them a diva(o) boss. You know, the boss who thinks your job is to wait on them hand and foot and drop everything you are doing when they walk into the room. Why don’t they understand that you have better things to do than to get their Mocha Caramel Frappuccino and hang up their coat? And then when you are unable to meet a deadline, they are so confused as to why you couldn’t follow their directions. Like HELLO... I was too busy picking your kids up at school and getting your dry cleaning to get anything done! Okay, I admit these may be extreme examples of a diva(o) boss, but I’m sure we have all come face-to-face with a superior that thinks they dictate our every move. Are you sick of your boss thinking they run the world? In a new segment for Vine, viewers submit stories about their boss’s most diva(o) moment, and our team will recreate these in a funny Vine clip! We want to help make light of these situations and show you that you are NOT alone! Share your stories and be sure to check out our Vine to see if we recreated your boss’s diva(o) moment! Scared your boss will find out that you ratted them out? No worries! Your stories are completely anonymous (CAREEREALISM knows how to keep a secret!). [vfb id=33] Images/GIFs courtesy of Giphy.com.

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