Does Coffee Make You More Stressed at Work?
Each day, millions of people wake up and pour themselves a nice, hot cup of coffee to help them start their work day. However, drinking coffee could actually be one of the worst things you can drink, especially if you have a high-stress job. Turns out that coffee has been linked to increased stress in the workplace. According to, studies have shown that drinking coffee could lead to higher stress in men. Studies have also shown high caffeine intake can cause anxiety, according to
What do you do to stay awake at work?
So, what other options do you have to stay awake? Here are some great alternatives to coffee that can help you kick-start your day stress-free! Stink up your office. Different smells affect us in different ways. Some smells can make you more relaxed while other smells can make you feel more alert. According to ABC News, scents like jasmine, citrus, and peppermint help you feel more awake. Perhaps you should look into an essential oil diffuser for your office! Munch on an apple. Apples are awesome pick-me-up snacks for work. Although they do not contain any caffeine, apples contain good vitamins and carbs that give your body and energy boost, according to Fitness Magazine. So, when you're feeling that energy-low at 2:30, walk past the coffee machine and grab a crunchy and refreshing apple! Get into an early morning workout routine. Getting up a little earlier in the morning to exercise might not sound appealing right now, but the benefits of a little exercise are awesome! Whether it's a 15-minute run or biking to work, getting your exercise in is definitely worth it. Exercise has been proven to increase your energy levels, which is why an early morning run or bike ride is a great way to start your day. Not only that, but exercise also helps reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, according to Web MD. It also helps you sleep better so you can wake up well-rested and ready to take on your day! Coffee stress work image from Shutterstock
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