Virtual Interview Do's And Don'ts

A job candidate discusses her qualifications on a video call.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many job interviews have transitioned online. Whether you're thrilled to interview from the comfort of your home or struggling with the shift, it's crucial to prepare thoroughly to ace your interview.

Although your interview is online, it is important to remember that it isn't any more casual and should be treated as professionally as if it were in person.

Here are the basic do's and don'ts of virtual interviews.

Don’t Show Up Unprepared

A job candidate keeps his resume and notes with him for his interview.


Just because your interview is online doesn't mean that you should try to search the answers to interview questions on the web mid-interview. Prepare to answer any question that is thrown at you without frantically searching the web.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the company beforehand. You may also find it helpful to print out a copy of your resume and cover letter to reference if you need to. Try to complete a mock interview before you sit down for your real one.

Do Test Your Technology

A job candidate uses a headset to ensure sound clarity.


Virtual interviews often come with a collection of technical difficulties. Though some can be unavoidable, others can be prevented easily.

Make sure to check your internet connection, microphone, and camera well in advance to ensure your success. Be prepared to troubleshoot any technical issues days before your interview to save yourself the trouble day of.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Distracted

A job candidate sits at a distraction-free desk for his virtual interview.


It can be easy to get distracted while interviewing from home. Make sure that your family members or roommates are aware that you have an interview. It can also be helpful to silence your cell phone, turn off the television, and sit in any area that is free of other possible distractions.

Staying engaged during your interview will show your employer that you want the job.

Do Dress The Part

A job candidate wears business casual clothes for her virtual interview.


The temptation to wear sweatpants can be overwhelming when preparing for a virtual interview. Even though you might have just rolled out of bed, you want to show your best self to your possible employer. Dress just like you would for an in-person interview, even if it means extra work.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up

A job candidate sends a follow-up email after his interview.


Following up with your interviewer can make or break the deal for you. It shows potential employers how eager you are to work with them, and it helps you stand out from other candidates. Make sure to send a follow-up email after your interview. Here are some tips on how to follow up!

Virtual interviewing is here to stay as employers find it as an efficient way to hire new employees. As long as you continue to treat it like a standard job interview and prepare appropriately, there's no reason why you should be intimidated by it.

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