5 Tips For Dressing Your Best For Interviews

First impressions stick. How you look when you walk through the door to your interview will create a lasting impression. Make it count! Here are five tips for dressing your best for interviews:

1. Add A Touch Of Personality

A smart skirt and shirt combo always works well. Add a blazer and you will look like dynamite. Include a splash of color with accessories to give some personality to your outfit and to help make you stand out from the crowd. Personalizing your attire is always a good move as it creates interest, making you someone the interviewer wants to find out more about, but be careful not to overdo it. Browse online on sites like Stylekeepers and find a look that feels right for you.

2. Look The Part

Like it or not, your appearance will definitely affect the hiring decision. You need to look the part. The person conducting the interview need to able to visualize you in the role. Perception matters. You may be very qualified for the position but if you are not dressed appropriately the interviewer may well decide you do not have an understanding of the role and what is required.

3. Show You’re Serious

Your attire should imply that you take the interview process seriously. You need to appear confident and professional. While you may not need to wear a business suit, depending on the position for which you are applying, avoid appearing too casual. Appearing informal may send the wrong message to the interviewer, saying that you have a casual attitude towards work. Being well dressed indicates that you have respect for the interviewer.

4. Pay Attention To Detail

Make sure clothing is well pressed, scrupulously clean and ensure there are no scuffs on your shoes. It is a worthwhile investment to have your outfit dry-cleaned. It will give you that extra edge. Your bag or brief case should be well ordered and any paperwork you take must be placed in a folder.

5. Do Your Research

It’s a good idea to research the culture and dress code of the industry for which you are applying. Know what the appropriate standard of dress is and raise the bar about half for the interview. Even if the dress standard is very casual, dress up for the interview. It is always better to err on the side of being overdressed.

What To Avoid

Avoid short skirts, heavy makeup and overly high heels. A job interview is not the place to display your cleavage or to overdo the perfume. Wear neutral colored nail polish rather than bold colors. Don’t wear too much jewellery or overly large or chunky accessories. Never wear jeans or thongs. Once you have been successful in getting the job, keep dressing for success. If you continue to look professional, you will continue to make an impression. Being well groomed and dressed shows you are keen to do well in your position. If you want to be promoted to management, dress like it! Never underestimate the importance of dress in the workplace. Good luck!

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