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Experiential Marketing: How To Overcome 3 Common Challenges

Experiential marketing concept

Do you find yourself wondering what's next in the experiential marketing world?

  • How can you cut through the clutter?
  • Why is change happening so fast?
  • How are you going to keep up?

    It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the experience economy that is built on people's interests is constantly evolving. So if you are facing any of the following challenges, I'd love to chat with you.

    • Staying ahead of the curve with your idea for events and content.
    • How to get "more for your money"?
    • Do you have all the right players?

    1. Staying Ahead Of The Curve When It Comes To New And Cutting-Edge Trends In Events And Branded Content.

    Branded content concept


    If you face stiff competition and face it, everyone is, you need your events and branded content to stand out. But how? First, we need a competitive analysis of what's going on in your channel and a keen eye for trends. Then, you need to fill the gap with ideas that differentiate your brand, connect deeply with your consumers, and inspire your internal team. Your consumer has vast and multi-layer interests, so finding the universal hot button is critical.

    How can you go beyond the expected prominent elements and work as hard on the little things, the details that personalize and create lasting loyalty? Successful campaigns that lift everyone and propel growth and employee retention.

    2. How Do You Get More Out Of Your Budget?

    Man checks his budget at work


    First is understanding the big picture and knowing the desired takeaway from the audience. The ability to see the big picture, pay attention to detail, and connect the two is critical. Looking closely at the budget, understanding the time and money each element will cost and its impact on the consumer. What simple alterations can be made to one to afford more money for another? Creativity finding ways to get the most bang for the buck is an art powered by experience, problem-solving, communication, great contacts, drive, and passion.

    The early discussions on the idea's feasibility against the time and money are essential.

    3. Do You Have The Right Players? (Getting The Best Top Talent)

    Creative team works on an experiential marketing project


    We know there are many people in the job market, but you need an expert, someone who can take charge and allow you to think about the bigger picture—the brand's direction.

    Challenge you don't have time to search and find that talent. Maybe you need a ringer with a unique and wide range of knowledge. Someone who can step in with experience and confidence and enhance your strategy by bringing the right freelance player together for any given task. Or may you need an elite team, a seal team to tackle a myriad of initiatives.

    I often see internal teams that are bogged down with the day-to-day and trying to pull off their biggest event of the year. At the same time. These teams are extremely talented and just a few key positions shy of being able to truly excel. So, if you feel a few players need more time or want to hire a partner to make it all happen and better than expected, I want to speak to you.

    You should be able to stir the ship, not work in the engine room…be a guest at your big productions.

    Remember, the audience wasn't part of the planning; they will never know the things you didn't bring to life, only the ones you do. So make sure what you do is done well, on time, and within your budget.

    Maybe a fresh perspective or outside creative brainstorming is just the thing you need. I find that just speaking to other creatives and brand managers and not knowing everything they have planned help ask the obvious questions and details that might be overlooked. Let's face it: the "nuts and bolts" of any worthwhile endeavor are totally consumptive and it is only natural to hold back from the big idea because you're not sure you have the team to make it happen. Well, now you do.

      If exceptional execution of breakthrough ideas is your goal, we should talk.