4 Ways Facebook's Latest Change Can Actually Help Your Personal Brand

Last Thursday, Facebook announced that it’s platform would shift away from a publisher-influenced platform to one that puts people first, a change that has been long-awaited by Facebook members. While brands and publishers aren’t pleased with this change, it has the potential to help you build your personal brand, whether you’re looking for a job, starting a business, or looking to advance in your current job. Here are four opportunities Facebook’s News Feed update creates for your personal brand:

1. You can create more valuable content.

Instead of recycling meaningless videos from publishers or like-minded brands on your personal page, you can use this latest update to finally improve your content or learn how to create valuable content of your own. Creating content doesn’t require you go back to school or spend countless hours trying to make a video that resonates with your audience. However, it does require you to pay more attention to trends, listen to your followers, acknowledge what’s working for highly sought-after candidates, and spend more time creating and sharing.

2. You can use it as a networking tool.

Now that many unnecessary posts will vanish or will appear less in the feed, this presents a great opportunity for you to not only make yourself more visible to your friends, but also to reach out to those who inspire you. Basically, it gives you the opportunity to use Facebook like you use Linkedin. Facebook can be a meaningful and powerful resource for networking (just like Linkedin) if you choose to use it that way. Tip: Start engaging more with your friends. Share your experiences (where valid), highlight your most recent work, and connect over the value you both bring each other. Estimated Time: 5 minutes or more each day.

3. You’ll gain confidence in yourself.

Sharing content that matters and seeing people who inspire you can help your confidence. According to a study, people who used Facebook more tended to have more depressive symptoms than those who used it less. This latest change from Facebook aims to create a more supportive and positive environment. So, become an influencer and create value for your community!

4. You’ll be more intentional when you’re on Facebook.

Before the change, it was easy to get lost in the same content from the same brands. It was also easy to simply watch from the side-lines and leave one’s personal brand to hang in the balance, slowly losing impact under Facebook’s former algorithm. With this update, you can expect a chance to tune back in and create strategies that will help you better represent your personal brand and create more awareness about your skills to colleagues, friends, and potential employers. Instead of deactivating your account, become more aware, share your wisdom, engage with your community, and earn merit as an influencer. You’ll gain confidence, become a respected leader in your circle, and grow your personal brand along the way!

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