'Career Rehab' Countdown: Fashion Rehab

'Career Rehab' Countdown: Fashion Rehab
As part of our countdown to the launch of our new show "Career Rehab," we have put together a series of posts that focus on common career and job search problems. Today's question:
"My work clothes seem so boring. How can I add some personality to my outfits while maintaining a professional appearance?" - Anonymous
Here's what our approved career experts had to say about professionalism cramping your style:

Sprinkle in Some Color

"Add a splash of color and some appropriate accessories to any professional outfit to stand out. Women: don’t be afraid of going with a vibrant green, blue, red or coral blouse and adding a great necklace, strand of pearls or belt! Men: go with a bold solid tie color and pocket handkerchief to accentuate any blue, black or grey suit!" (Deborah Shane)

Change Your Style

"It can be fairly easy to add one clothing item that is current and fashionable to professional apparel to not only make it current but to keep you feeling great about your appearance. Add a bright and uniquely constructed top or some knock-out pumps. For guys, change your shirt style or colors." (Dorothy Tannahill-Moran)

Get Creative With Scarves

"It's easy to brighten up a bland outfit these days with scarves being in fashion; and they're affordable, especially when you can find them at a retro resale shop. I found a great article from Pinterest, showing all the cool ways to tie them." (Kristin Johnson)

Get a Little Chunky

"For women, jewelry works. Big chunky yet tasteful necklaces make a statement, show your confidence, and get you noticed for the right reasons." (Julie Erickson)

Add Something Unique

"Make a personal and somewhat bold statement with a little color or a unique accessory. A pin, belt, scarf, tie, interesting socks or stockings with a pattern - even a hat, if its permissible where you work - will add interest to even the most boring clothes, while still adhereing to professional-clothing etiquette norms." (Norine Dagliano)

Don't Go Overboard

"Sometimes boring is good. The worst review of a Broadway play is 'the scenery was marvelous.' You want the people with whom you meet to focus on your intellect, your accomplishments, and your potential. You don’t want them thinking about what you are wearing. Men sometimes wear a fancy tie along with a conservative suit." (Bruce Hurwitz)

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