Fitbit Culture: Don't Sit, Stay Fit!

Fitbit Culture: Don't Sit, Stay Fit!

Fitbit is making a splash in the workout technology community with their new fit bands that track your exercises. Not only have they been making noise with that, but they also have the best candidates racing to the finish line, which is one of Fitbit's offices. They are getting some of the best talent working for them because they understand the necessity of having and promoting an amazing and truthful company culture. Related: 5 Reasons Why I Love Working At Greatist Among many of their core values, they express interest in candidates who are dedicated to healthy living and fitness. As anybody working in an office knows that it is difficult to set apart time in the day to workout. This is something that Fitbit recognizes and offers an amazing solution. The way they do this is by offering the opportunity to attend weekly fitness classes with your colleagues. Even more amazing, they provide treadmill desks to their true fitness junkie employees! Check out Fitbit’s Career page to learn more about their open positions! Is your company disrupting your industry? Do you put culture over commodities? Tweet us @CAREEREALISM and tell us!

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