5 Companies That Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you love playing sports, eating clean, or working on your fitness (Thank you, Fergie), you’re invested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn't it be nice if your employer supported your good habits? Related: 5 Companies That Inspire Their Employees Daily You might not be a workaholic, but if you’re a workOUTaholic (heh heh) or a health nut who works hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then you might want to consider working for these companies:

Kaiser Permanente

At Kaiser Permanente, employees have the opportunity to make a little extra cash by staying fit. In 2014, Kaiser Permanente launched its Total Health Incentive plan, gives employees an opportunity to earn a $500 bonus by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Getting paid to stay healthy sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!


Accenture offers its employees health and wellness perks like online health coach and fitness programs to help encourage daily exercise and healthy habits. And, if you love traveling, the company even has a program called the Athletic-Minded Traveler, which helps employees stay active on the road by providing running routes, health clubs, lap pools, and other fitness resources.

CHG Healthcare

If competition motivates you, you’ll love what CHG Healthcare offers its employees as a wellness benefit. CHG Healthcare has something called the Rock Your Body challenge, which is designed to motivate employees who wish to get healthy and lose weight. The goal of the challenge is to help employees lose weight the healthy way (no crazy fad diets!) and keep the weight off for the long term. Pretty cool, huh?


For all of you active individuals out there, Yahoo has sports and recreation leagues, and basketball and volleyball courts right on the company campus. Plus, it has on-site trainers, yoga classes, boot camp, and massage services for its employees. How awesome would it be to get a massage after doing boot camp!?

Orbitz Worldwide

In addition to other clubs like the WOW Players, the Green Team, the Working Parents Group and more, Orbitz Worldwide offers a Bike Club and Martial Arts club for its employees. It even has a Meditation/Prayer Room in case you need a few minutes to just breathe and de-stress. Does your company encourage its employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Tweet me @AriellaCoombs and let me know!

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