How To Be A Freelance Academic Writer Customers Love

How To Be A Freelance Academic Writer Customers Love

Online freelancing communities for academic freelance writers are highly competitive workspaces where writers can sign up, create a profile, and bid on assignments that customers post to the site. With this kind of intense competition, it can be difficult to be awarded an academic writing assignment, especially when you are up against more experienced and highly-reviewed freelancers. Related:How To Find Clients As A Freelancer But never say die! We’ve interviewed the best freelance academic writers from and compiled top five must-follow tips to become the freelance academic writer that customers will love.

Tip #1: Have a complete and thorough profile.

When reviewing bids, customers will review all of the freelancers that they feel qualify to take on the task. Their first and most important resource for this review will be your profile. If it is incomplete, has spelling errors, or is otherwise just not up to snuff, you can bet someone else will be chosen. Create an eye-catching, enthusiastic profile, take some aptitude tests, and win more assignments.

Tip #2: Place your bids thoughtfully.

Do not, under any circumstances, simply copy and paste your bid from one assignment to the next. This is simply sloppy freelancing, and your potential customers deserve more than that. A customer is looking for a bid that reflects their specific wants and needs for the academic assignment, and you should always reply in kind. It is a matter of respect, so reply to every bidding as if it was your first and only customer.

Tip #3: Deliver on your promises.

This one sounds obvious: when you and the customer agree to terms, always keep to them. Do not deliver late work, un-proofread work, or try to change the terms after you’ve been chosen for an assignment. Obvious though it may be, any slip-ups or laziness will most definitely reflect back on you via your customer reviews. This will do your ranking no services, and that will make you less likely to be chosen for a project in the future.

Tip #4: Write like it is your assignment.

You should treat every job to which you are awarded with a certain degree of reverence. Yes, writing for other people is your job, but that is no reason to slack off just because it is someone else’s reputation on the line. As aforementioned above, it is your reputation, too. Write every assignment like you are in college and it will count toward your own grade. Your customer reviews will thank you.

Tip #5: Be honest.

This is a bottom-line rule that should apply to everything you do on a freelance community site, and every job you take. Don’t falsely embellish your profile to make yourself seem more impressive. Don’t make promises or agreements to terms you can’t keep. If you make a mistake, own up to it. If something comes up (because, sometimes, life happens), tell the truth. Most people will be understanding and fair. The main point, which most freelance academic writers from ThePensters stress, is to work with integrity, no matter where you are employed. Be honest in everything you do when you perform your academic freelance writing job, and you will be rewarded with more jobs in the future, repeat customers, a higher ranking, and higher wages. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. It was submitted and approved by our editorial staff to ensure it meets CAREEREALISM Media's editorial standards. You can learn more about our writing requirements here and view our full disclosure policy here.

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