#1 Sign Being A 'Fool' Will Get You Hired

#1 Sign Being A 'Fool' Will Get You Hired

When you think of a financial services company, you might be inclined to call it boring or buttoned-up. But, it’s time to leave your assumptions at the door, because The Motley Fool disrupts that white-collar monotony with “education, amusement, and enrichment.” In case their company name wasn’t enough to grab your attention, they were named the #1 small or medium sized company to work for in the U.S. by Glassdoor.com in 2015. Related:5 Reasons Why I Love Working At Greatist You may have noticed by now that, here at CAREEREALISM, we love all things disruptive and we crave career stories. So, when I find a company that shakes up its industry while boasting an awesome culture, I have to do a little digging. Let’s talk about the characteristic that makes their employees different: They’re Fools. Seriously. The #1 sign you’re meant to work for this company is that you might just be a fool, too. Here’s what it really means: You “battle pretension” in finance and investing like it’s the plague. You like to brainstorm and you need leadership that implicitly trusts you to manage your own time. You’re smart, honest, and collaborative, and you use these powers to help the world invest better. Being a fool with The Motley Fool is about being passionate and talented, without losing the revered trait of “foolishness.” Long story short, this company is into doing great work and helping make smart investments without losing sight of its values. This is just the kind of disruption that helps cultures and companies grow, and we love hearing about them. Is your company disrupting your industry? Do you put culture over commodities? Tweet us @CAREEREALISMand tell us!

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