Doing Things You Hate At Work: 5 Ways To Get Inspired

Doing Things You Hate At Work: 5 Ways To Get Inspired

How do you do things you don’t like? I think we have all been brainwashed to believe we need to be inspired to do things; otherwise, it feels forced. But if we continue along that path, we will end up being unhappy. So, can we force ourselves to be inspired? I believe we can. Here are my tips on how to keep doing things you hate; forcing inspiration to appear, so to speak.

1. By Getting Out From The Pillars Of Mediocrity

Doing your best in what you like is easy. But if you are someone who expects the best of yourself, then do not give any excuses as to why you cannot do something you do not like. Get out of the pillars of mediocrity. Find excellence in all you do, even if you do not like what you are doing. The effort to push for excellence sometimes takes the focus away from the fact that you are doing something you don’t enjoy.

2. By Giving Reasons To Do It

No excuses to escape. Let’s face it, when you do things you don’t like, chances are you will have a million excuses screaming out to you to delay it or drop it. You need that coffee. The cookie at the cafeteria is calling you. Start giving yourself the reasons why you should do it.

3. By Stealing Time From Hidden Minutes

Ok, I understand. You cannot possibly spend a good 30 minutes straight to do things you don’t like. But I am sure you can find minutes here and there where you can focus on it. Steal these minutes. The 15 minutes before you knock off work - use it to attack what you don’t like to do.

4. By Sacrificing Near Term Gratification

Everyone has their fair share of doing things they don’t like. It’s the same for you. Successful people do things they don’t like to do, too. So, learn to sacrifice the short term for long term gains. You can escape once or twice from doing things you don’t like to do, but not in the long run. Better to learn and create a system that makes you do things you don’t like than cook up a plan to escape from it.

5. By Focusing On The Next Step Regardless Of How Tedious

Every project, big or small, takes you to a next step in a bigger context. When you need to do things you don’t like, focus on the next step. How is this contributing to the bigger goal? Sometimes focusing on something bigger makes you do what you don’t like easier. When you do things that you don’t like, inspiration doesn’t appear. You find it in discipline. Photo Credit: Shutterstock