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The goal of working at Apple is a lofty yet attainable one. Apple is one of the most successful, valuable, and iconic companies in the world. As you’d expect, getting a job at Apple can be more challenging than at other companies. Do you have what it takes to get a job at Apple? Apple seeks out not only the best and brightest employees, but also the most passionate. Many individuals have knowledge and skills that can be valuable to a technology company, but Apple is concerned with more than aptitude and knowledge, and this is true of every position for which they hire. Want some examples of this passion? Talk to a retail associate at one of their stores. Find an Apple employee online and have a conversation with them about the company. You will find that Apple employees always have one thing in common: A unique passion for designing, creating, selling, and using the best consumer electronics products in the world. And yet, it takes more than passion. In case after case, it’s clear that Apple is seeking proof of exceptional abilities. For example, notorious iPhone hacker Comex (a.k.a. Nicholas Allegra) was awarded an internship at Apple after routinely jailbreaking each iOS version that came out. Some of the proven tips this infographic emphasizes include the following. 1. Contribute a great iOS or Mac App to the App store. 2. Prove your chops with hardware Apple is interested in. 3. Create something Apple wants. 4. Get a referral from an Apple employee. Insider's Guide to Getting a Job at Apple Source: Business Research Guide Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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