5 Ways To Get A Job

5 Ways To Get A Job

There are plenty of ways to get a job, but are you taking the right approach to your unique job search? Recently, when explaining to a client that it was important to vary his approach to finding and applying to jobs, I stumbled upon the "Five Fingers of Job Search." In general, you are going to have the best results by spreading out your “hand” and tapping into more jobs. Certainly other ways to get a job, but if you follow these recommendations, you are bound to be successful.

Ways To Find A Job

To find the most jobs, you will want your fingers to spread over the following job search resources:

1. Online Postings

You can find hundreds of jobs online, but so can everyone else! Most employers are requiring this, so you will have to comply in order to be considered. Follow-up is especially crucial when submitting your applications online. Just because you have applied, doesn’t mean it was received! Some popular job search sites are: CareerBuilder.com, Indeed.com, and Monster.com.

2. Community Agencies

Your local job service or Career One Stop office, libraries, and many other municipal or public agencies may offer not only job search assistance, but computer and other training.

3. Staffing Agencies

These used to be thought of as temporary agencies, but increasingly are placing folks in permanent positions. They can be an invaluable source of jobs. Try to develop a relationship with a specific recruiter at each agency in your area and follow up with them regularly.

4. Newspapers (Actual Printed Ones)

Many of my clients find jobs they eventually receive offers from via small, penny saver type local papers. Don’t disregard these as a source for potential job leads.

5. Employers

Many employers advertise only on their internal job boards and/or websites. Identify employers in your area for whom you would like to work and check their career pages regularly. Likewise, when applying for jobs you want to vary your approach to increase your chances of obtaining an interview and job offer:

Ways To Apply For A Job

1. In Person

Occasionally, you may luck into a direct contact or interview with the hiring manager when you present in person with a resume or to complete an application. This is an excellent way to stand out from the other applicants who are sitting at home applying for jobs online.

2. Snail Mail

A postcard with a brief note and, if pertinent, a link to your profile or resume or with your e-mail address can make all the difference. The employer doesn’t even have to open an envelope!

3. E-Mail

Many employers provide e-mail addresses for their staff or follow specific conventions that can allow you to “guess” an e-mail address. For example, firstname.lastname@company.com is a common e-mail convention.

4. Online

Again, applying on line is a necessity these days, but so is following up. Complete the online application, but you may want to follow up with another application method to insure your resume is received.

5. Database

Careerbuilder.com and Monster.com, as well as other job search websites, often provide the ability to post your resume online for employers to find. This is not a bad idea, but be aware that scammers can also see your resume and seek you out to sell their services to you. You can also use the concepts to get a job as a way to vary your follow-up approach, as employers have different styles and preferences just like everyone else. When following up try each of the following:

Ways To Follow Up

1. In Person

Many times someone not accessible by phone is very accessible in person. It is also harder to ignore or delay someone standing right in front of you versus a nameless person on the phone. A face with a name will go a long way toward making you stand out to an employer in general.

2. Snail Mail

This method is often forgotten in today’s electronic communication wave. But, employers still get mail and they will be more likely to get your resume if sent vial the post office with a quick follow up note. Or, the postcard mentioned above!

3. E-Mail

If an employer is someone who likes e-mail, you can often obtain information about the hiring process or time line or to request an interview. I always like the reasoning behind offering: I am going to be in your area tomorrow and just thought I would see if it was possible to schedule a little time with you…

4. Phone

Pick up the good ole phone and call! Have a phone script ready to outline what you will say to the employer and have a clear goal in mind for the call.

5. Fax

Also kind of old-fashioned, but can be very effective. Most companies do not hesitate to publish their fax numbers. If you need to do a Google search, use the following in the search field: company name, city, state, fax. If you are looking for work and looking for better ways to get a job, you will be more successful applying the above principles. In fact, you should notice results immediately. Photo Credit: Shutterstock