3 Ways To Get Noticed, Get A Promotion, And Get A RAISE!

3 Ways To Get Noticed, Get A Promotion, And Get A RAISE!

Almost every time I meet with a prospective client, they share with me their desire to get noticed so they can get promoted and ultimately increase their income. I hear things like “I am tired of being passed over,” “No one notices or values me or my work,” “I am underpaid and underappreciated,” or worse yet, “If something doesn’t change soon, I don’t know what I am going to do.” Do you hear yourself in any of these phrases? If so, then read on to learn my top three ways to get noticed, get promoted, and get a raise.

1. Create A Memorable Personal Brand

I know many of you have heard about the importance of personal branding, but it cannot be overlooked. I like to sum up Personal Branding this way – Your Personal Brand is simply the facts in discussion about you. The Facts get introduced one of three ways:
  1. What you say.
  2. What you do.
  3. What others say about what you said or did.
The good news is that you have total control of two out of these three elements and can greatly influence the third. If you feel as though you are being overlooked at work, the best way to begin to either brand or re-brand yourself is by having a clear answer to the question “How are things going?” This is your opportunity to share your recent accomplishments, a significant leadership experience, or reinforce a particular level of expertise that will distinguish you from other employees. Here is an example, “Things are going great, my team just finished XYZ project early and under budget due to myimplementation of the new ABC process. I am really excited and looking forward to leveraging my learning doing DEF.” No longer should your answer be “Things are fine or Good and you.” Take the opportunity to toot your own horn without the appearance of bragging.

2. Invest In Your Ongoing Development

As an employee, entrepreneur, or small business owner, you have to stay on the cutting edge of your industry and your area of expertise. One of the best ways most leaders do this is by reading trade journals and industry magazines, but your “book knowledge” isn’t all you need. As you rise in the ranks, it is most important that you have the soft skills necessary to succeed and lead. To that end, most successful leaders invest in both soft skill training as well as an Executive Coach to help them hone their ability to face the challenges of leadership and thrive in their careers.

3. Create Community

I tell my clients all the time that when it comes time to decide who gets the next big assignment or promotion, you won’t be in the running if there isn’t a person at the table advocating for you. As you think about creating your professional community and enhancing your relationships make sure you get these relationships right:
  • Your Immediate Manger and their Boss – Typically these are the two people who have the biggest potential impact on others’ perceptions of your potential. Often there opinion carries a significant amount of influence over both perception and promotability.
  • Your Sponsor – Someone typically at the Director level or above who is familiar with and supports you and your work and has either the power or the necessary influence to “make things happen for you.”
  • Your Mentor – Someone two to three levels above you (ideally in your organization or at least in your industry) that can provide you with the “unwritten rules” and help you navigate the political waters of your organization.
  • Your Peers and Subordinates – Those you work with who have a significant amount of influence on how you are perceived in your organization, so make sure you have a reputation as someone others want to work with and for.
  • Industry Leaders – Being known and respected by leaders in your industry and organization help to pave the way for swift career advancement. Take every opportunity including company social events and industry conferences to connect with leaders who could influence your future promotion.
Focusing on these relationships will set you up today for the success you want to achieve tomorrow. Take a few moments now to critically analyze your personal brand, your development strategy, and your network. Identify any gaps you may have and create a plan to fill those gaps as soon as possible.

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