#1 Secret To Getting Noticed By Recruiters At AECOM

With all of the “noise” online, standing out can be a challenge, especially if you’re fighting for a job. However, just because there’s a lot of competition for jobs on job boards doesn’t mean you can’t get hired. It just means that you’re not putting yourself in the right places. Companies like AECOM, multinational engineering firm, are looking for talented people like you to join their team. Thankfully, getting noticed by recruiters at AECOM isn’t that hard if you have the right strategy. So, what’s the super secret strategy? Make yourself easy to find. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Well, there are millions of talented people out there who don’t make it easy for recruiters to find them, which is a shame. According to Julie Cox, Sourcing Manager of Talent Acquisition at AECOM, you can’t just build yourself a LinkedIn profile and call it a day. You need to do a little more than that in order to get noticed. Here are some of her tips for getting noticed by recruiters at AECOM.

Keep your resume up-to-date.

“I get it,” said Cox, “you're not actively looking for a new position. But if your dream job fell in your lap tomorrow, would you be ready?” Make sure you update your resume every few months. What have you accomplished since you updated your resume last time? “It's easier to do this in real-time instead of thinking back on all the things you've accomplished over the past five years,” Cox said. “Don't forget that you have a lot to offer. Why not position yourself in a way that makes it easy for those with hiring influence to reach out and work with you?”

Be seen in the right places.

Determine the best online resources for your industry and create a presence there. Where are people going for information related to your field? How can you be seen there? Whether it’s industry events or informational websites, find a way to create a presence in places recruiters are scouting talent.

Showcase the stuff recruiters are searching for.

Ensure that all relevant keywords are included in your bio. According to Cox, recruiters use search engines and LinkedIn to locate top talent by keywords, location, and skill set. If you’re not being strategic about how you brand yourself online, you’re not going to be found by recruiters. So, think about what keywords and skill sets you should be putting emphasis on, and brand yourself accordingly.

Setup a personal website or blog with a link to your resume.

Make it easy for recruiters to find your resume and contact you! Google yourself. What comes up? When you click on the results, is there a clear way to contact you or view your credentials? If not, find a way to add your resume and/or contact information.

Get Noticed By Recruiters At AECOM

Getting noticed by recruiters at AECOM is much more realistic when you can make it easy for them to find you. If you need additional help with your job search, check out Work It Daily’s trusted, easy-to-use career support platform. Best of luck! Photo credit: AECOM on Glassdoor.com

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