Do You Have A Good Attitude At Work?

Do You Have A Good Attitude At Work?

Have you ever thought about your own attitude at work? Perhaps that is the reason why people do not like you. For many of us it is easy to look at others and blame them instead of ourselves. After all, we are human. How many of us like to admit our own mistakes? When something doesn’t go the way it is supposed to at work, “Oh, so-and-so didn’t do this and that.” Often times, you forget your own roles that you did not perform. Your attitude is looking at others' faults first before you point the accusing finger at yourself. I always say this; when you point a finger at others, remember three are pointing back at you. When you realize that people at work do not like you, then it is time to look at your own attitude. Have the wisdom and will power to know that you can make a positive change. It doesn’t mean that you are weak. It doesn’t mean that you are a lesser person. It just means that you can improve yourself. When you improve yourself, you increase the chances of career success. Indeed, not just career success, but personal success, too!

The Harder You Try The Worse It Gets

I have been there. There are people who, no matter how hard you try to please them, do not reciprocate in kind. In fact, they treat you worse. You may be good to them but they do not return your kindness. You smile at them; they frown back. Nothing seems right. You could be speaking softly to them but they seem to raise their voices at you. You think to yourself, they have a bad attitude at work. And you may be right. But what can you do with your own attitude? For most of you who have peeked around this site, you know that I am a huge advocate of never giving up, keeping on trying, having discipline, and all. In this case, for your attitude at work, my advice to you is to STOP. Stop trying to be nice. Now, I am NOT saying start being nasty. All I am advocating is to stop trying too hard at being nice. Be nonchalant.

Take A Step Back

When you are able to detach yourself from it, you begin to see a clearer picture. Think about your attitude at work. Are you being sincere with your words and deeds? Can people feel your sincerity? Do you do things joyfully without expectations from others? Look within yourself and improve your attitude at work. These tough people that you face at work are your “teachers” on your attitude. They are teaching you to introspect. You may actually conclude that there is nothing wrong with you. So be it. Then continue to do the things that you do once you are convinced that your attitude at work is correct. Eventually they will see the light, so to speak. But if you sincerely do it and look within yourself, your thoughts, attitude, and actions – maybe you will discover things that you can improve. Then your attitude at work can improve and people may slowly treat you better. Sure, attitude problems at work are tough to solve. They are tough to solve, not impossible. Sometimes, maybe it is better to start with ourselves. Photo Credit: Shutterstock