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You're looking for a career booster. You're possibly past your first year mark at work. You've learned the ropes of your position, but you feel like you're slowing down.

So, what are some ways you can get ahead at work? There are many positive things you can do that can help. In fact, the value of these tasks is they make you more motivated and hence, give you a career boost.

Show Enthusiasm For Your Work

I know, how can you ever feel enthusiastic about work, especially when you already feel sluggish with the same work after a few years? It is precisely this reason I ask you to be enthusiastic. To be enthusiastic at work is about a mental state. You need to make the decision to be enthusiastic. Start by saying, "I will be an eager participant in this project or task."

Attack your task with energy. Do not drag your feet. The more you tell yourself, "This is so boring," or whatever the excuse may be, the worse you will feel. Get interested in the work, and the energy will come naturally. Then, decide to be eagerly involved. You cannot get ahead at work without energy.

Be Efficient In The Workplace

Strive to be the most efficient worker on your team. According to Webster's Universal College Dictionary, to be efficient means "performing or functioning effectively with the least waste of time and effort." When you are effective, you're producing the intended result. When you are efficient, you do it with the least waste of time and effort. That means you are capable and competent.

If you constantly strive to be the most efficient worker, then you will eventually get ahead in your career. You will get a career boost because you are the most capable and competent on the team.

Strive For Excellence While Working

Of the five things you can do to get ahead in the workplace, this one probably calls for you giving yourself some pressure. A little pressure is good, since it makes you push yourself harder. Strive for excellence in everything you do. Do not be content with good. Go for great.

Exceed expectations by knowing good is sometimes not good enough. Give everything your utmost best. You will naturally see how this becomes your career booster. When you strive for excellence in everything you do, you naturally surpass others in your work.

Show Up To Work Early

Have you ever thought that showing up to work early can get you ahead at work? It can, especially when your workplace practices flex time. Many people take flex time for granted. They stroll in and out at their own pace, not knowing they have probably wasted productive time.

Start early at work. Some of my most productive days are those I start early before the phone rings and before my staff walks in with questions. Clear your e-mails from last night and craft that important e-mail when there are no disturbances.

Be Someone Your Co-Workers WANT To Work With Everyday

Make every effort to be the easiest person to work with in the office. Now, I am not saying compromise your need for excellence. For example, this means not to complain and grumble each time there is a team meet. No one likes to work with someone who nags all the time.

When you are easy to work with, you make working enjoyable for your co-workers, too. An upbeat in the workplace is welcomed everywhere, and you give yourself a competitive edge. That competitive edge is your career booster.

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There is no need for complicated plans to get a career boost. Simple steps with these habits in the workplace can get you ahead in your career.

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Everyone needs to feel their voice is heard and their contributions are important. Something as simple as sharing a drink the last hour of the day on a Friday with the team to recap wins and give praise can build camaraderie within the team.

All of the above are fairly simple to implement but can make a huge difference in morale and motivation. Have any of these tips worked well for young the past? Do you have other tips to motivate your creative team? If so, please share them with me!

Encourage curiosity. Spark debate. Stimulate creativity and your team will be better at handling challenges with flexibility and resourcefulness. Create a safe space for ideas, all ideas, to be heard. In ideation, we need the weird and off-the-wall ideas to spur us on to push through to the great ideas.

Sure, there are a ton of studies done on this, but here is my very unscientific personal take. When team members can make decisions about how they work on projects, they are more engaged and connected to the project outcome. When they see how potentially dropping the ball would affect the entire team, they step up. When they feel like what they are doing is impactful and valued, they are naturally motivated to learn more, and be even better team members.

Rarely does a one-size-fits-all style work when it comes to team motivation. I have found that aligning employee goals with organization goals works well. Taking time to get to know everyone on your team is invaluable. What parts of their job do they love? What do they not enjoy? What skills do they want to learn? Even going so far as to where they see themselves in five years career-wise. These questions help you right-fit projects, and help your team see you are committed to creating a career path for them within the company.

Most designers I know love a good challenge. We are problem solvers by nature. Consistently give yourself and your team small challenges, both design-related and not. It will promote openness within the team to collaborate, and it will help generate ideas faster in the long run. Whether the challenge is to find a more exciting way to present an idea to stakeholders or fitting a new tool into the budget, make it a challenge just to shake things up.