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Graduate school includes getting your master’s or doctorate degree following an undergraduate degree program, such as after receiving your bachelor’s degree. You will go through a variety of processes in order to get into a graduate degree program, including an application, entrance exam, letters and recommendations. Most, if not all, of these are required to be accepted as a graduate student for the degree program you choose.

1. Prepare Beforehand

You should begin preparing for the application and interview process about six months before the application deadline. This gives you sufficient time to research the school you want to attend, perfect your application, work on your pitch, get proper letters and recommendations, work on personal statement and get a good score on the admission tests.

2. Motivate Yourself

You should find the proper motivation for getting into graduate school by being clear about why you want a graduate degree. It isn’t mandatory unless the career you want requires it, so make sure you have proper motivation not only to get into graduate school but to see it through to the end. When it is something you truly want, it will be easier to stick with and obtain. Knowing the answer to what motivates you is also going to help you during the interview process.

3. Get Recommendations

One of the most important things to provide with your application to graduate school is recommendation. Some people to get them from are your college counselor, mentor, or professors at your undergraduate school, as well as employers and other people who know you more on a professional level. If you volunteered at an organization similar to the industry where you want your graduate degree, they can write a recommendation letter for you. Professors and school administration from your previous college is encouraged.

4. Do Your Research

When you first begin looking for graduate degree programs and possible schools to attend, you should be doing heavy research. GO beyond the school’s website and research them on your own, including their accreditation, reputation, if employers like degrees from their college, and what their alumni have gone on to do. Look closely at their degree programs and required coursework and visit the school you’re going to attend at least once before attempting to enroll and apply for their graduate degree program.

5. Have A Good Pitch

The enrollment advisers and interviewers will want to know why you want a graduate degree in a particular field and why you’re a good fit at their college. This is where the six months of planning comes in; you should be preparing a perfect pitch that will impress them and give them a reason to approve your application. Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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