10 Most Common Graduate Interview Questions

With summer quickly moving into autumn, most of the graduates of 2014 have celebrated their degree classification and have attended their ceremonies. It's now time to secure their first career move. With this in mind, here at Headway Recruitment, we thought it would be the perfect time to collaborate with the University of Kent and create this infographic that presents the most commonly asked graduate interview questions. Watch:2 Steps To Being More Likable During Interviews Our infographic provides a run down of the ten most common interview questions for graduates, according to a survey conducted by the University of Kent. Along with these questions are some tips on how to best construct your answers, based on what the interviewer's are trying to find out about you Be sure to practice these questions with a friend or family member. Practice will help you to become more relaxed when you deliver your answers and it will also ensure you include all the most important details in your answer. Rehearse using bullet points rather than a fully written script, you want to ensure your delivery of the answer remains natural. Finally, our very own Rian Hoey finishes off at the bottom of the infographic, with some further advice on how to succeed within a job interview through the Three Es. If you've not already already secured a position, check out the below information. With a record fall in UK youth unemployment during July, opportunities are beginning to open up more so than in recent years. If you've not graduated yet, make sure you bookmark this page as it will come in handy one day. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom, we'd like to know what other questions you've been asked and how have you handled them? This is a guest post.

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