3 Colors To Wear At Work To Give A Good Impression

3 Colors To Wear At Work To Give A Good Impression

In the workplace, image is everything. Wearing the right colors while on the job can help you boost your career in amazing ways and give you the confidence you need to move forward. Likewise, the wrong colors can give others a bad impression of you. Learn the best colors to wear for your job, and the hues to avoid. After all, you want to make the best impression you can every day, and the right style choices will do that for you.

Colors To Wear At Work

These types of colors all suggest different things about you, so how you use them should depend on what you're looking to portray:

Bold And Beautiful

If you want to make yourself appear confident while still maintaining your friendly demeanor, aim for jewel tones. Deep purples, dark blue hues, and dazzling golden tones emit a friendly and feminine attitude while still turning every head in the room. Aim for these types of colors in a single piece of clothing, like a jeweled blouse with a neutral slate gray skirt or slacks, and you won’t look like Barney the Dinosaur. However, don’t make this clothing choice backfire by wearing jewel tones from head to toe. If you are pairing accessories with bold colors, you’re more likely to come across as a crazy bag lady than a successful powerhouse, so choose your bold jewel tones with care. A common rule of thumb was mentioned above; limit your jeweled clothing to a single piece to be on the safe side.

Black Is Always Back

Black is a subtle constant that demands attention, and is a go-to for anyone wanting to move their way up the corporate ladder. Boost your career in all the right ways by pairing a black pencil skirt with black fishtail (or Chevron, or floral) stockings and you have yourself a fun and aggressively female style trend that is sure to take you places. Just be careful with how much black you’re trying to pull off, and make sure your black pieces fit your body without being too tight or too loose. After all, looking like a dominatrix or the Grim Reaper isn’t going to get you the promotion you are hoping for, and is more likely to get you a trip to counseling instead. You can end up with a lot of explaining to do, as BRW explains. Respect black in general, and it will respect you back.

Pretty In Pastels

There is nothing more soft and feminine than pretty pinks, lovely baby blues, and breathy minty greens in the workplace. You can feel approachable and eager in these type of hues, and they pair perfectly with their darker neutral counterparts of tans, grays, and even black. For the girl who wants to stand out in the workplace without looking blaringly obvious, pastels are a girl’s best friend. Pair them with a set of lovely timeless pearls and a gorgeous pair of pumps, and you have yourself a subtle yet amazing outfit. With the good comes the bad, however. Pastels are incredibly touchy and in an instant can make you look more Golden Girl than fashion-forward diva. Avoid looking like a little old lady or a throwback from the 80’s by keeping your pastels clean and solid, pairing them with more trendy pieces, and sticking to hues that complement your skin tone best. When it comes to the office, what you wear can definitely make or break your career. Wear the right colors in the right ways, and you see yourself climbing that stylish corporate ladder. Make a fashion misstep, and you might find yourself filing papers until you retire. What you wear matters, so make sure you make it count by wearing styles that make you stand out, rather than drag you down. You’ll feel great and love your promotions even more. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock