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12 Best 'Real World' Tips From Happy Grads

12 Best 'Real World' Tips From Happy Grads

As part of our Happy Grad Project, we're featuring a bunch of Happy Grads, their stories, and their advice for students and recent grads. Here are some tips they wanted to share with those entering the "real world" soon:

On Job Search...

"‘Networking’ isn’t just a word; it’s as important as food for anyone entering the job market." - Chantel McCabe, '11 "If you are on the job hunt, go to any and all interviews that interest you, but don’t settle for something if it does not ‘feel’ right." - Kristina Prescott, '13 "I would advise recent grads to stay active in the field they want to pursue a career in no matter what (whether its through volunteer work, pro bono jobs, etc.). Staying active in their field will show future employers their dedication [and help them build] experience." - Skylar Ridabock, '13 "Use your school career advisor. That’s how I got most of my interviews." - Daniel Ernest Hill, '13 "Start early, never give up on your dreams, and be super smart with your financial planning." - Sam Doan, '11 "When you discover (tomorrow or 10 – 20 - 40 years from now) what satisfies you every day – you will do it better and work on it harder than anything else you’ve ever done. In the meantime, every job you have is a skill set to add to your resume so when you stumble upon your dream job, you’ll be ready." - Kathryn Stephenson, '12

On Finding A Job You Love...

"Don’t be afraid to try new things and to take chances—you never know what could come from it!" - Tyler Miguel, '13 "Sure, you can look for a job specific to your interests, but don’t NOT look for jobs outside of your comfort zone." - Danielle Scaglione, '13 "I would suggest [to] recent graduates that, [during] their college time, they should give themselves some time to figure out their own area of interest, and not just rushing to get degrees after degrees." - Shikha Gupta, '12 "Planning is key. It is hard during college when you have to think about studying and submitting papers, but planning where you would like to be/what you would like to do is the best way to achieve your goals." - Rebecca Mangan, '13

On Motivation...

"[Don’t] get discouraged if [you] don’t get [your] dream job right out of school." - Miranda Cole, '13 "Remember, you are not damaged goods, and don’t let anybody discourage you by saying you can’t do this or that you’re not experienced." - Petko Petkov, '15 You can meet these Happy Grads and read their stories by clicking here.

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