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Healthcare careers have changed over the past few years. Doctor and nurse careers are no longer the only options available in the medical field. You can become a medical biller, transcriptionist, coder, pharmacy technician, and so much more. Each career choice will require you to become a trained professional to provide the best care. For instance, a medical biller and coder will require you to work behind the scenes, talk on a telephone and to be good with numbers. These jobs are important professional careers that are necessary for providing quality healthcare to the patients. The healthcare industry will continue to change each year making it necessary for new workers in the healthcare industry. With an increased demand in the healthcare industry, new jobs have had to be created. Some factors have influenced these changing healthcare career trends during the past decade. In the past decade, the healthcare utilization rates showed us how services have changed. Even with an aging population and health care incentives, there was not much increase or decrease during a ten year span for visits to the hospitals, physician’s offices or emergency room departments. However, there was an increase of visits to outpatient branches of the hospitals. Therefore, a new need was discovered for expanding outpatient services. With the expansion of outpatient services, more healthcare jobs became available. With a decrease in hospitalization rates, we are seeing more Medicaid programs, Medicare recipients and insurance holders. In addition, there is an increase for technological and scientific equipment. According to a report, more ambulatory healthcare providers, community and nursing homes are needed as well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 228,000 jobs have been added to the healthcare industry since 2012. This increase has happened due to an increasing need for more manpower at the hospitals, outpatient clinics and nursing homes. The healthcare system has become more challenging. Therefore, there has become a need for improvement in the healthcare industry. A healthcare publication discussed the trends for the future ten years in the healthcare industry. This publication showed that patient care had decreased recently in the Academic Health Centers. This encouraged the health centers to try to be more efficient and productive with their research and patient care. In addition, the article stated that some areas would have an increase in other trends. For instance, there would be an increase in costs for patients, an increase need for technology and an increase need for patient care. The healthcare trends would need to focus on the patient as the main consumer, and the healthcare industry would need to maintain a competitive edge to provide the necessary care for each patient. Today, the healthcare industry is working to provide quality care for patients by reducing the payments to providers. With an increase in insured patients and a new healthcare system, the healthcare career market is looking more promising. The past and the present trends in the healthcare career market have helped prepare the future for those who want a career in healthcare. For a promising career in the healthcare industry, you will need to be prepared to provide efficient care for the patients since the patients and the insurers are the consumers who keep the healthcare industry going. People are requiring more healthcare services than they did in the past. Therefore, this means more jobs are available in the medical and healthcare profession today.

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