7 Degrees That Lead To High-Paying Careers

7 Degrees That Lead To High-Paying Careers

There is no denying the fact that settling down with a high-paying career is one of the main goals among students today. Naturally, they spend a lot of time doing their homework on which degrees to choose from when going to college. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive guide to seven best degrees you can choose from to excel in your career. Remember, choosing your degree should not only be inspired by the wealth but your passion as well.

Degrees That Lead To High-Paying Careers

Here are a few degrees to consider:

Health Care Administration

Without a shadow of surprise, the health care industry has always been in the thick of things and would continue to be a booming career for years to come. With a variety of preparing materials and practice solutions available (like the sample nursing questions) to help you fulfill your dream, access to resources should not be difficult. Those of you who like to see yourself in this department can check on anatomy classes, accounting, statistics physiology and other options. Why is it a high-paying career? There is and will be an increasing need for health facilities of various kinds. This degree helps you master the various complexities involved in running a healthcare facility. As a result, employers are happy to offer good money to those capable of taking up the role.

Computer Science

Though it's no magical term for a common man, Computer Science is very common these days. It is the bridge between computer and human interaction. If you are a student looking to pursue this track, there are plenty to choose from including software engineering, digital system design and computer mathematics. Why is it a high-paying career? Any modern enterprise depends on computer experts to keep their systems running. No matter whether you want to invent the all-important application that you always wanted, build hot websites for your clients' businesses or become an enterprise resource consultant, a computer science degree is a booster for you.

Civil Engineering

If you think you are a born constructor, builder, designer or dream of making your own wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge, look no further. Take up a course in Civil Engineering. But for all that, you will have to love science and math. This degree is all about combining the two subjects to develop construction projects. It is also about calculating and identifying weight loads and environmental concerns. To take up a career in civil engineering, you may consider courses like dynamics, engineering economics, fluid mechanism and many more. Why is it a high-paying career? This department has been neglected for decades and as a result it has created a big demand for individuals who can build and rebuild infrastructure. You may be offered much more than reasonable pay if you can prove to be a successful civil engineer.


If you enjoy being at service all the time or helping others, a nursing degree would do no harm to your desire. In order to pursue a nursing path, you may consider taking a course in chemistry, physiology, anatomy, mental health and others. Why is it a high-paying career? The value of a nurse in the health industry is incalculable. No matter to what extent medical technology grows, the bond between a nurse and a patient is crucial. So that explains why a nursing course can be a high-paying career. With increasing access to insurance, increasing baby boomers and aging population, nurses are obviously going to be on demand.


An accounting degree can help you master interpreting the financial performance of an institution. To take up this course, you may consider going to multiple levels of accounting courses, tax accounting, business law and other accounting-related courses. Why is it a high-paying career? Accountants usually understand complex metrics that help drive businesses forward. This further increases productivity, as it helps senior management measure performance. As you make your way up in the accounting ladder, your pay is more.


Like to be a policeman of human behaviors? A degree in psychology can fetch you many fascinating jobs. You can prepare to take up this degree by studying the manner in which animals and human beings think, learn, act and feel. Other official pre-courses include neuroscience, perception and sensation, personality and other statistical psychology methods. Why is it a high-paying career? As a matter of fact, all professions value the art of understanding human behavior. Majors in psychology are a great asset for corporate departments like industrial relations and human resources. This helps in accessing abilities, personalities, smooth functioning with workmates, understanding concerns, helping people in the marketing departments – analyzing behavior of different customers and learning market trends. So there you see why psychology is so important in every department.

Business Administration

It goes without saying that planning is harder than executing. Making a smart plan is the secret of any successful task. This is exactly what a Business Administration degree teaches you. A business management and administration student might have to study financial management, operations management, management information systems and accounting and others related to business. Why is it a high-paying career? With an increasing number of people looking to create their own jobs, this is the degree that will help you become a successful entrepreneur. Once successfully building and growing your own company, a business degree can earn you handsome pay. As mentioned earlier, there are several degrees that can land you in a high-paying career. But it is important for you to follow your passion rather than following the most fortunate degree in a specific time frame. See which of these suits you best and work hard on it. All the best! Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock