4 Healthcare Jobs On The Rise In 2022

Healthcare worker smiles at the camera

The healthcare industry will continue to see major growth in 2022. But which healthcare jobs are on the rise?

According to LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise report, these are the most in-demand healthcare jobs of 2022:

1. Vaccine Specialist

Vaccine specialist immunizes a patient


The most in-demand healthcare job, and the #1 job on the rise in 2022, is vaccine specialist. A vaccine specialist supports the production, distribution, and patient education of various vaccinations. They can work in medical sales, community outreach, or clinical operations.

Other job titles include vaccine sales manager, vaccine expert, vaccine coordinator, or vaccine administrator.

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2. Surgical Intensive Care Nurse

Nurse takes care of her patient


The second most in-demand healthcare job, and #14 on LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise list, is surgical intensive care nurse. A surgical intensive care nurse provides care "to patients who are critically ill after surgery, usually following complex procedures." They usually work within specialized trauma units.

Other job titles include ICU nurse or medical surgical nurse.

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3. Postpartum Nurse

Postpartum nurse helps a new mother


The third most in-demand healthcare job, and #17 on LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise list, is postpartum nurse. A postpartum nurse provides "physical and emotional medical care to mothers and newborns following a birth."

There are no other related job titles to this position.

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4. Molecular Biologist

Molecular biologist looking at a slide with a microscope


The fourth most in-demand healthcare job, and #22 on LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise list, is molecular biologist. A molecular biologist studies, researches, and performs laboratory experiments to understand cell function and behavior.

Other job titles include cell biologist or microbiologist.

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If you're looking for a new job in the healthcare or medical field, these four jobs have plenty of employment opportunities available. Check out LinkedIn's Jobs on the Rise report to see the complete list of jobs that are growing in demand in 2022.

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