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4 Unique Home Office Decor Ideas

Your home office doesn't have to be a mundane workspace. There are a lot of creative ways to enhance its style and appeal while maintaining a stimulating environment. A report from World at Work reveals that there are more than 33 million individuals (contractors, small business owners and employees) in the U.S. who spend some portion of their time working from home. The number has increased by 17 percent since 2006. With that, why wouldn't you want an office that conforms to your style? While there are several ways you can liven up your office, here are the top four home office decor ideas for this year:

1. Utilize The Walls

An office is a place where you create notes, jot down ideas, make lists and make reminders. Therefore, you’ll need space for all of the writing. Perhaps you can get whiteboard paint for some of the surrounding walls. The benefit is that it’s as clear as regular white paint and comes with the added benefit of writing and erasing. Alternatively, you can go for photo pin-ups if you feel uncomfortable with writing on the walls (it won’t be a surprise if it’s a place where you sleep as well). Some of the things you’ll need are heavy duty clips and a string line to align the clips in an organized manner.

2. Treat The Windows

Window treatments offer an opportunity to revamp an old idea to enhance the room’s appeal, while allowing natural light into the workplace. For example, window blinds give control over the flow of the light and they come in all sorts of styles - including traditional, industrial, tropical, Asian, modern and craftsman. Blinds are also easy to shut once the working hours are over. If the setup of your office is in the living room, long drapes from the ‘floor-to-the-ceiling’ would be appropriate. They not only bring a sophisticated feel (pretty important if clients come in), but can be customized at any time with contemporary hues for a modern appearance.

3. Traditional Furnishings

The office should essentially be a place where there’s a lot of room for imagination. A vintage tone would be preferable for the furnishing. Modern furnishing may be a bad option as it’s more suitable for open spaces. The floor can be painted in a soft tone. The office chair is an asset to the office, so DON’T comprise on it in any way. Look for a chair that has armrests, depth, lumbar support, proper wheels, and an adjustable height. This will allow you to sit with better posture as you work at your desk. As for those who are limited by the amount of space, custom furniture may be the only option. Tip: Home-based entrepreneurs should always opt for furniture items that come with plenty of drawers, cabinets, shelves etc. to store away all the gear and paperwork. Also, feel free to use some of the existing furniture (that drawer may turn out to an elegant side table, just explore a bit).

4. Bring Home The Accessories

Cups, paper weights, journals, letter openers, stapler – all have their role to play in the office decor. You can even go with a particular theme with office accessories. For example, you can opt for portal two bookends to create a research/scientific work environment. Or you can always bring out the fun side in your office (ideal for taking breaks) through character-based accessories like Doctor Who TARDIS journal and Star Wars business card holders. Create a work environment that brings out the best in you. The ideas mentioned above will help you create a style statement and prevent your office from being just another room. What does your ideal home office look like? Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:   Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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