How to Conduct A Job Search Successfully
This is a true story as told to JustJobs Academy which houses career interviews and job search advice for professionals in any industry. Visit to read about how to search for the perfect job and get promoted once you’ve found it. Read on to see how the author found her current position as a technical writer and share job search tips that will hopefully help others find the career they are looking for. I currently work as a technical writer for HP. I have held this position for one year. I was hired for this job because I held a previous position with HP as an editor. The account I was working on was closing and a former co-worker recommended me for this job on another account. I had been searching for jobs for more than a year, right after my team received the news that our account had lost the contract and the account would end at a certain date.

How To Conduct A Job Search Successfully

The most important thing I have learned about the job search process is to never give up. I came to this conclusion after applying for literally hundreds of jobs and ending up with maybe five or six interviews. It was very frustrating. There were times when my job search had felt like a complete waste of time. It was also very stressful because I as afraid I would never find a job. But sometimes things happen when you least expect it, so don’t give up. Keep applying until you get the job you want. You are bound to get a job eventually if you work hard enough. People will take notice. A successful job search should definitely include the Internet. The Internet has a wealth of information and there are hundreds of job sites that post job listings in virtually any field you are looking for. Because my career is in writing and editing, I searched not only the normal job search sites, but also on sites that post jobs specific to my field, such as and Be wary of job sites that ask you to pay to become a member and receive job listings. You should never pay money to work. Plus, paying for job listings does not guarantee you will get a job. Many people use Craigslist, but it is known for scams and shady people, so use with caution. I would search four or five sites every day. I wanted to be the first to apply to new jobs. I didn’t want to risk waiting and have the job be filled. Another piece of advice that I followed when conducting my job search was having a flawless resume and cover letter. I know this should be a given, considering that I am a writer and editor by trade. However, many people make the mistake of sending out resumes and cover letters in a hurry without giving them a quick look. It doesn’t matter what type of career you are looking for, typos and bad grammar make you sound unprofessional and uneducated. I always made sure I double-checked everything twice before I submitted. Another piece of advice you should follow when looking for a job is to let others know your intentions. Let all your friends, family members, neighbors, former co-workers, and anyone else you regularly interact with know that you are on the job hunt. You never know when someone may be looking for someone with your skills and background. That is how I got my current position as a technical writer. My former co-worker informed me of the job opening and I applied right away. She put in a good word for me and I got an interview a week later. I was offered the job the day after the interview. I followed all three parts of this advice and it paid off. The Internet search helped open my eyes to the many job opportunities out there. Although it did not ultimately land me my current job, I recommend it to anyone looking for a job. Everyone is online nowadays, so going door to door looking for jobs or searching the classified ads in the local newspaper isn’t going to cut it anymore. Being prepared with a professional-looking resume and cover letter helped my search. I have gotten several compliments about the organization of my resume and how it showed off my varied education and work experience. So if writing is not your strong point, I suggest taking a basic writing and grammar class and bringing your writing skills up to par. Many people judge you by your writing, and it certainly can’t hurt your career. The last piece of advice I gave, which was informing people of your job hunt, was the one that worked for me in this situation. I had never gotten a job based on a friend’s referral in the past, so this was new for me. In the past, the Internet search was my go-to tool. I guess you just never know. Successful job search image from Bigstock
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