Meet Our Work It Daily Warrior: Courtney

At Work It Daily, we love hearing when our members get the big job.

We like to call our members the "WID Warriors" because of their strength, determination, and commitment to career success.

We get hundreds of success stories from our warriors every year. Today, we're highlighting one of those warriors who recently got her dream gig.

WID Warrior: Courtney | Work It Daily Success Story

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Work It Daily Warrior: Courtney

We are so happy to hear Courtney recently landed a GREAT job! She recently shared her success story with us, and we were inspired by it. Her dedication to the job hunt and her positive attitude are just two of the reasons we're highlighting her story. We're so proud to have her as a WID Warrior!

Looking For The Big Job


Courtney was looking for a marketing manager job for six months. In the meantime, she worked multiple part-time contract gigs, and also did food delivery to take of her son. Throughout the job search, Courtney's friends and family told her that marketing may not be the right career for her, and maybe it was time for her to explore a different field. But Courtney didn't give up.

Taking The Job Search Up A Notch

Woman sitting at job interview in office


Instead of giving up, Courtney decided to focus more on the job search. After realizing she could use some help with her interview technique, she became a premium member with Work It Daily.

"I believe that was one of my problems in trying to find a job -- I get really nervous and intimidated by upper management, even though I know I'm competent and qualified," Courtney wrote.

One of the contract jobs she did helped her become more confident with senior-level leaders, since she was reporting to a person of high authority.

Getting The Big Job Offers


With some help from Work It Daily, Courtney ended up getting not one, but TWO full-time offers at once. She says both offered her a higher salary than she was making at a previous job. She said one of those jobs was the "comfortable" choice -- it was close to home, with good benefits, and a bonus. However, she wasn't passionate about the industry she would enter.

The other choice was for a long-term contract that was a temp-to-hire position, if she proved herself. Courtney said she shared the same values and beliefs as this company. In the end, Courtney accepted the second position, because she felt as though the job was made just for her.

The team at Work It Daily is so proud of Courtney's success story!

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