How To Win Friends In The Workplace (Through Communication)

Two co-workers with good communication skills

Interpersonal communication is a commitment. It's an important skill in every profession, and one that can help you win friends in the workplace.

When every professional in the workplace can commit to ensuring positive communication, it increases workplace morale and an organization's happiness at its core. Good communication = better decision-making skills = a boost in company's accountability and respect.

Still, the foundation of having great communication skills is being able to converse with others politely and effectively. In fact, there are four different types of communication styles found in the workplace. (Don't know yours? Take our FREE Communication Style Quiz!)

Could you spot an Empathizer or Commander just by their wardrobe, tone of voice, or overall personality? Chances are, if a positive communicator has crossed your path, no matter which communication style they are, you would have left the conversation feeling heard and with a sense that you related to this person on more than one level.

Good communicators have a gift for getting their points across effectively and clearly in the workplace. Here's how you can, too:

Be Personable

Two colleagues effectively communicate in the workplace


Engage in mutually respectful conversation and truly care about what someone is saying, not just for the sake of the conversation. Make sure every verbal interaction you have with a colleague is genuine. Understand and respect any differences you may have in knowledge, skill, or viewpoints.

Ask Questions

Man asks a co-worker a question at work


Good communicators have an honest curiosity in others' interests and passions, and eagerly ask questions to learn more about the other person and to get clear on what the goal of the conversation is. Communicate openly and honestly. Be meticulous!

Practice Active Listening

Man practices active listening in the workplace


Make eye contact, speak carefully without interrupting the other person, and be sure to practice active listening. You want to make the other person feel valued, and let them know their concerns are being heard. You want to respond appropriately and thoroughly. Overall, the conversation should be mutually beneficial and joyful for both of you.

Don't be the only individual speaking in the conversation and take time to hear the other person's point of view. Most importantly, don't listen just to respond. Listen to listen. There's a clear difference between being so focused on what you're about to say and actually hearing out that person who's talking to you.

Be Truthful

Two women in the workplace with good communication skills


Lies eventually surface in some way, shape, or form. Especially in a professional space, try to be as truthful as you can, or that very lie may come back to haunt you in the workplace.

Don't lie about your education or status or professional achievements. Be proud of your background and represent yourself in a positive, but truthful, light.

Why Are Communication Skills Non-Negotiable?

Overall, as humans, we are inherently social and dynamic beings.

As social beings, we may use tone of voice or appearance as key indicators of a person's status or intentions, but these cues may be misleading. It is only through truthful communication that we can sincerely know others.

Also, because of the nature of our digital era, learning basic communication skills is even more necessary. A solid and strategic communicator will have positive, long-lasting impacts on whoever they communicate with (whether this be virtually or face-to-face).

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In the workplace, good communication is essential to avoiding confusion and misunderstandings, and will result in greater recognition, opportunities, prestige, and credibility. Whether we are conversing with friends, relatives, managers, colleagues, classmates, clients, or customers, positive communication will always be important.

Follow the tips above to improve your communication skills in the workplace, and make real connections and friendships wherever you go.

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