The Inconvenient Truth About Employment No One Wants To Deal With

Everyday I see countless negative blog and article comments from readers who attack the advice provided by career coaches, experts, guru’s, hacks, know it all’s or whatever you want to call us. Related: How To Get Out Of Your Unemployment Funk Everyone has a different complaint and a different reason why they know more than the ‘expert,’ yet they’re the one complaining about their unhappiness and their dead end job, meanwhile the expert conquered their career and now presents his/her advice for free to those who are willing to listen. Despite my sarcastic tone, I truly understand and sympathize with the place that these commenters are coming from. Many of them feel like they’ve followed the rules and did everything by the book that’s supposed to guarantee them a good job, and then at one or more points in their life they had the rug pulled from underneath them. Everything wrong with employment today, as well as everybody’s complaints about employment, all stems from an inconvenient truth about employment that no one wants to deal with. The truth is, employment has evolved to a degree that none of us were prepared for. No longer is a college degree good enough in many cases to secure even an entry-level job. No longer is ten or twenty years of service good enough to maintain further job security. No longer is networking, corporate climbing or any other tactic good enough to instantly accelerate your career. The reality is, employment is now more unstable than ever before, so in order to give yourself the greatest opportunity to excel, you must do a myriad of things, and you must be willing to stick it out for the long haul. It’s inconvenient that you may spend half a decade of your life pursuing a degree that may be obsolete or without job prospects by the time you graduate from college. It’s inconvenient that you might network, social network, and get no where. It’s inconvenient that you might build a better resume’ and still not get a job offer or so much as an interview, but what’s the alternative? Quit trying, roll over, and die? We’ve all got to be a little more optimistic and a little more hopeful. Success in your job, your business, your consultancy, your gigs, or whatever it is you do to earn a living comes from years and years of hard work. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your career. Your time is coming. Things will get better. You just have to make a plan, stick to it and let time take its course.

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