3 Ways Instagram Can Make You A More Creative Professional

3 Ways Instagram Can Make You A More Creative Professional

Some people were born with a knack for taking things a part, solving complex equations, and looking at life’s most troubling situations through a more analytical lens. Others were born with a passion for creating, composing, and taking up projects suited for the artistically inclined. If you want to become a more creative professional but find yourself struggling to do so, don’t fret. Anyone can become more creative and use it to enhance his or her career. If the Osborn-Parnes approach to creative problem-solving is a bit overwhelming, we recommend starting with Instagram (yes, Instagram). Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms out there, and it can actually help you gain a more creative eye. Here are three ways Instagram can help you become a more creative professional:

1. It helps you look at problems in new ways.

Most problems aren’t black and white, and may need a new filter to find a solution. Take @mintapp for example. They take everyday topics or problems people experience in finance and simplify them. If you find yourself struggling to take projects to the next level, using Instagram to search for new ways to present information can help you improve your communication style and come up with new solutions for your company.  Source: MintApp

2. It’s an amazing source for inspiration.

Not only are you able to connect with friends, colleagues, and potential employers on Instagram, but you’re also able to use the platform as an idea source. Everyone needs a place they can go to tinker with ideas or fuel new ones. While you’re on the platform, pay attention to common themes, especially from competitors. Note the hashtags used, the length of descriptions, and popular filters that draw the eye. Consider how you can approach a problem or new project by analyzing how others compose images, tone, subject, focus, and so on. Believe it or not, by forcing yourself to monitor these minor details, you will not only increase your inspiration, but you will also see a rise in your creativity.

3. It allows you to step outside of your responsibilities.

Sometimes we need to step away from what we are working on or experiencing to better assess it and see the bigger picture. When you’re too close to something, you can’t see the larger picture. As a result, this can stifle a great idea or stagnate your growth entirely. Instagram connects you to millions of people around the world, all of whom have unique ways of thinking, communicating, and sharing. Use what you see to assess how you can improve different systems you have in place for your work. How could you do your work better? Can you take what works for someone else and make it even better? How could your team help you and what other resources could help you take your work to the next level? The possibilities are truly endless if you want them to be. We hope you are feeling a bit more inspired! Comment below with ways you have grown your creativity! After you’re done, head over to Work It Daily’s very own Instagram, hit the follow button, and get daily inspiration. How will you become a more creative professional?