Best Interview Preparation Tool Ever

Best Interview Preparation Tool Ever
After weeks (even months) of applying for jobs, sending in resumes, writing cover letters, and networking your butt off, you've FINALLY got an interview. Go you! For many job seekers, interviews are single-handedly the most exciting and most terrifying part of their job search. You've got one shot to impress your potential employer, so if you don't give your all, you're going to waste everyone's time. The best way to fight off the interview jitters is to walk in confident and prepared. But how can you do that?

What You'll Learn:

In this special, one-of-a-kind resource, you will get the following:
  • 18 common questions you MUST prepare for
  • 12 questions you should ask your interviewer
  • What you SHOULDN'T ask during the first interview

Attention: This tool is no longer available for free

This tool is now available for $9/month inside our sister site,, along with many other job search and interview prep resources. For more information, please check out CareerHMO!