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Interview Questions That Reveal A Candidate’s True Nature

Interview Questions That Reveal A Candidate’s True Nature
Interview Questions That Reveal A Candidate's True Nature - RecruitHUB

The interview is the most critical step in the hiring process. The more you can learn about a candidate in the interview, the easier it is for the recruiter and the hiring manager to determine if the person will be successful in the role. Critical elements like personality, aptitude and skill sets need to be deeply evaluated to ensure the person will be able to integrate into the team and leverage their talents effectively. How do we get this critical information? By asking questions that reveal the candidate’s true nature.

Use questions that require detailed responses.

In this video, Ed and J.T. offer some examples of questions that let you get inside the head of the candidate. Specifically, you want to be able to reveal any challenges this person has had in the past when working on the job and in teams. The right questions can help you identify any red flags with respect to their ability to cope with adversity or varying personalities. Evaluating the emotional intelligence of every candidate is key! Using the right questions can help you do this efficiently.

Every good interviewer has a clear game plan.

Getting to a candidate’s true nature not only takes the right questions, it also requires a concise plan for how to execute that interview. Consistently asking the same questions in the same order is just one way for you to be able to evaluate all candidates equally. You only have a short amount of time to get the information you need out of the candidate. Don’t waste this opportunity by not being prepared. Ed and J.T. explain the keys to making sure your interview experience is as productive as possible. Use the interview to not only get what you need, but to also create a good candidate experience. Remember, your reputation as a professional recruiter is on the line with every interview you conduct!