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'Career Rehab' Countdown: Interview Rehab

'Career Rehab' Countdown: Interview Rehab
As part of our countdown to the launch of our new show "Career Rehab," we have put together a series of posts that focus on common career and job search problems. Today's question:
"I get lots of job interviews, but I never seem to get invited back for a second. I feel like I'm doing everything right. What gives?" - Anonymous
Here's what our approved career experts had to say about interview troubles:

Do Your Research

"Do you know who your competition is? Do research through your network to find out who you are up against and what you need to place particular emphasis on in order to win out over them." (Kristin Johnson)

Practice Makes Perfect

"Rehearse interviewing with someone skilled and able to give you honest, constructive feedback and suggestions. Do it in person or via Skype so the other person sees you as well as hears you - and make sure you are open to changing your approach." (Julie Erickson)

Be Yourself

"Most advice out there is telling you to anticipate what a company needs/wants/is looking for, in other words take whatever shape is required to fit their opening. Trying to be something you are not steals your confidence and limits your ability to showcase all of the amazing and unique reasons a company should hire you. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Don’t spend another minute trying to be someone else to get hired when being you is what WILL get you HIRED." (Corey Harlock)

Ask Yourself These Questions

"Ask yourself this: Have I answered questions based on 1.) what I want for me only; or 2.) by what I am specifically looking for in a job and how utilizing my talents can create value for you (the employer). Have you researched the company and learned enough to speak with some authority?" (Shell Mendelson)

Get Feedback

"The part you are doing right is connecting well enough with the employer because you are getting interviews. If by the time you get to about 9 interviews, if you don’t have an offer then something isn’t working in the interview process. You need to practice so you can get some feedback on what needs to change so you can knock it out of the park the next time." (Dorothy Tannahill-Moran)

Reevaluate Your Approach

"You are doing everything wrong. The usual errors are not focusing on the employer, not listening, and sending contradictory signals between body language and tone of voice, and words spoken." (Bruce Hurwitz)

Figure Out How You Present Yourself

"I hate to say this but usually after several "one stops" - one interview and done with various companies - there is something wrong with either your mindset or approach. Do a check of your tone? How are you coming across - defensive, negative, not a team player, not excited? Also, you may think you are doing everything right, but have you asked why you weren't invited back for a second interview?" (Lisa Adams)

Ask Them if You're a Good Fit

"At the end of the interview, ask if there are any reservations from the interviewer with regard to your fit for the position. A good, honest interviewer will let you know where your shortfalls are, and it might give you a chance to counter those points face-to-face. If not then, don't hesitate to reach out to them afterward to find out what your specific issues might have been. Not all will tell you, but all it takes is one honest person to let you know what you need to work on." (Ben Eubanks)

Get an Interview Coach

"It sounds like you may be interviewing for jobs that are not a good match, showing up for the interview unprepared, not properly following-up - or a little of each. An interview coach could uncover what is and is not working and teach you effective strategies for preparing, presenting and following up on every interview." (Norine Dagliano) Have a question of your own? We love to hear from our readers. If you have a career question for us, feel free to submit it below! (Don't worry, you can remain anonymous if you choose).
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