5 Simple IT Skills Every Employer Loves To See On A Resume

5 Simple IT Skills Every Employer Loves To See On A Resume

Technology drives production. It pays for businesses to invest in the latest software, hardware, and gadgets in order to increase efficiency and expand the bottom line. Businesses are also looking to hire technologically proficient employees who are willing to learn new systems. That means employees looking to enter the job market can improve their chances at being hired by keeping up with changes in technology. Here are five simple IT skills that will improve your chances at getting hired:


Understanding HTML and CSS can win you significant favor with employers. It doesn’t have to be about building the company’s next website. It can simply mean fixing an email signature or a small tweak on the WordPress site without having to involve your co-worker from the IT department. These coding languages are changing constantly. If you can show that you have a basic understanding of the most current versions, it’s a big step.

2. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is streamlining the business process everywhere. It allows employees remote access to their work. They can save their progress and work from multiple locations, and more easily turn their work in. If you can walk into an interview with a basic understanding of how the cloud works, employers will view it as one less thing they need to explain to you later. That’s another potential job interview victory.

3. Getting The Most From Social

This is about more than just being on Facebook. Prospective employees who have a firm understanding of how to build a network, how to engage with their audience, and are not intimidated by the technology will have a leg up. Social media is becoming one of the larger driving forces behind online sales. If you can understand the importance of keywords in a LinkedIn headline, or how to hook your Twitter and Facebook accounts together, these are skills businesses will welcome. Make sure you’re not making social media mistakes.

4. Understanding Mobile Technology

Your prospective job may come with a standard issued phone or tablet. There may be days where you are expected to work remotely. It’s imperative to have an understanding of how to be efficient with these products. This means knowing how to use the WiFi, what apps can help you achieve the highest levels of production, and how to adjust the important settings.

5. General Problem Solving Ability

This is a general skill, but applies to IT. Employers are looking for someone who won’t go immediately to the IT department when the problem may be solved by something as simple as restarting the computer. That means having a general understanding of the software your company uses, as well as networks, intranets, and computers. Prospective employees need to be able to evaluate a problem, and critically think about what can be done to resolve it. Technology is in the workplace in order to streamline the process, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Those who can roll with the punches and survive these situations on their own will have a step ahead in the job market.


Companies everywhere are streamlining their processes with new technology. It pays to stay ahead and have a firm understanding of how to work in a high-tech environment. However, there is a reason that the IT department exists, and sometimes necessary projects should be outsourced out. For example, digital forensics is about as technical as you can get when it comes to digital security. Sometimes, it's best to trust professional companies like LWG Consulting to either train you or perform the task. But for the simple stuff, businesses are looking to hire a more technologically savvy work force. It’s in the best interest of prospective employees to understand some basic skills. Whatever they don’t know, they need to show a willingness to learn. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles:Photo Credit: Shutterstock