Job Board Detox Tip #15: Write Your Interview Answers
Today’s job board detox tip: Write the answers to interview questions and practice saying them out loud. Just as with your salary negotiations, practice, practice, practice. Write out your answers. Yes, write/type them out. Know what you want to say to each and EVERY interview question. Walk around your house saying them. Seriously! It helps. Nothing is worse that flubbing up an interview or part of an interview because you could not clearly and concisely answer a question. This happened to my husband once. He was in a group interview - now those are fun (sarcasm). He was asked some very pointed questions that he was not prepared to address. He answered them as best he could at the time, but admitted that he could have done better. Now, in his defense they were out of the blue questions, but for his line of work, not too crazy. He just didn’t expect them to be asked so early in the process. Don’t make the same mistake. Prepare for anything, even the illegal questions. Seriously, if know how to handle all the curve balls, two things will happen. First, you will have more confidence during the interview because you know you are prepared, and second, you will ace it. For a list of questions, there are several excellent tools out there. See below for my two favorites. Resources: CAREEREALISM's Interview Preparation Tool and Susan Whitcomb’s Job Search Magic. Whitcomb has over 100 pages worth of interview preparation questions and techniques. [youtube expand=1] Job board detox interview answers image from Shutterstock
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