3 Popular Professions In Today's Job Market

Nowadays, the desire to change your profession is not surprising for anyone. The labor market situation is changing almost every year. This can be noticed not only in some cities, but in the whole country. Related: Top 10 Job Search Trends Of 2014 At first glance, the job market is changing rapidly and unpredictably. But at the same time, it's a sphere that can be predicted. According to the analysis of various jobs classified ads published on different websites, the most popular professions are:

Marketing and sales

Experts predict that in several years the market of goods and services arise glut. Marketer is first of all the strategist of the company. The duty of the marketer is to lead system-oriented production of various goods and satisfy the interests of producers and consumers. He/she conducts the market research, plans the range and volume of production, determines the prices, and stimulates sales. A highly-qualified specialist in marketing develops business plans and offers the most profitable options of money investments for the enterprise.

Service specialty

The incomes of the population are growing, the middle class is growing, too. One indicator of this trend is a growing need for quality service. These are: cleaning and hairdresser's services near the house, a good kindergarten, and much more. You can click here to find job openings in you city. Moreover, the demand for service sector jobs is expected to grow, as the experience proves. And the rate of growth in demand for the service sector occupations outpaces the growth of needs in other popular professions.


The further integration into the world market requires the influx of professional Logistics Specialist. The profession of a logistician is suitable for those who is weary of the rigid framework in working, do not like patterns and specified limitations. To make a successful career, a Logistics Specialist needs to have an analytical mind and a systematic way of thinking, intuition, the ability to find a way out of difficult situations quickly, and good communication skills. None of the logistians can excel without deep knowledge in mathematics, engineering, applicable law, and the understanding of main business principles. Many entrepreneurs believe that a good logistician can only be a player by nature, endowed with a talent to move goods and articles like figures on a chessboard.

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