Overqualified For The Job: What Are Your Options?

Overqualified For The Job: What Are Your Options?

The words “you're overqualified for this position” are frustrating. Why did the recruiter or hiring manager call you in for an interview if they felt you were overqualified? You need this job and you won’t leave for a better opportunity, become bored, demand huge salary hikes and try to take over your new boss’s job. But clearly the people who are hiring don’t believe that, so they send you on your way. What can you do? First, make sure you really do want a less demanding position. If you’ve simply given up trying to find a job that matches your qualifications, it may be time to take a hard look at your resume and job search techniques. On the other hand, perhaps you are genuinely looking for a position with fewer responsibilities. In that case, your cover letter should give a reasonable and positive explanation for seeking a lower level position: You like hands-on work more than supervision, you want a chance to mentor others now you have achieved the highest levels of your profession, you are transitioning from another industry. With the right resume and cover letter, you can beat the “overqualified” response.

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