Meet Anna...Overwhelmed With Worry About Her Job Search

Meet Anna...Overwhelmed With Worry About Her Job Search

Anna* is one of the 30+ scholarship applicants we have received since launching Allies to the Out-of-Work. She is overwhelmed with worry that she will never find a job. Harnessing the power of the micro-fundraising site, Indiegogo.com, we launched a campaign to raise $10,000 that will give 100 long-term unemployed people a full scholarship to our Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP). This program is helping hundreds of people find work. However, it’s not something we can give away for free. So, we are hoping to get donations from those of you out there who:

A) Have been out of work recently and know how hard the job search really is.

B) Know somebody long-term unemployed and want to sponsor them.

C) Care about getting Americans back to work and on their feet.

Find out how you can be an ally to the out-of-work. You can learn more about the program (and donate) by click the botton below: DONATE NOW ► For the next 3 weeks, we will share stories of those who have applied for a scholarship (see the application form here), so you can see how important it is that we get them the help they want and deserve, but can’t afford. Meet Anna: Q: What’s the hardest part about unemployed long-term?A: The hardest part about experience long-term unemployment is not just the worry over whether you will ever get back to full-time work. I was laid off in November 2010, and despite having obtained freelance work and seasonal jobs, a secure FT position still eludes me. Long-term unemployment really impacts you professionally and personally. It's left me with a lot of ongoing doubts about my career and if really I am still going to have success in it. Will I be able transition back into an office setting successfully? Will employers still think I am still capable, even competent, worker? Is it because of my age, gaps, distance for commute (insert word here) that is affecting my eligibility? I try to maintain my best face and muddle through it all. I still continue to apply to jobs and have had interviews over the course of this year, but there have been no permanent hirings for me as of yet.Q: What have you been doing to look for work so far?A: In looking for work, I have been using many traditional and digital sources in my job search. With tradition sources, I have registered with a few placement agencies, met with my alma mater's career services department, and attended job fairs. I have been following niche job boards such as Mashable and Mediabistro for media opportunities, HigherEdjobs, HERC and other higher education sources for marketing/communications positions at colleges/universities and Craigslist, LinkedIn, and Indeed for related postings as well. I am even using Twitter to follow and respond to job postings listed on various accounts. As for maintaining my skills, I am freelancing for a number of web-based outlets. I write articles for various websites, ranging from non-paid assignments for The Daily Muse, to paid blog posts for a marketing firm and articles for Match.com. I am aiming to finish my master's in communications this summer. As part of the degree's requirements, I have interned at media/PR companies in New York City. With networking, I have attended some events and job fairs, but not much else this year.Q: Why do you feel our Job Search Accelerator Program can help you?A: I feel the program can help provide me with fresh eyes and insights on what areas I need help with and need to fix in order to further enhance my career prospects, and hopefully land a full-time position. I think also by receiving guidance from someone who is new to learning about me and deciphering what I have been doing right, and wrong, in my efforts will be a tremendous gift. Thank you for considering me for your program.

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If you're interested in helping out job seekers in need, please donate to Allies to the Out-of-Work and help them get back on their professional feet. Learn more here... DONATE NOW ►Photo Credit: Shutterstock*Name changed
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