5 Job Search Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten

5 Job Search Lessons You Learned In Kindergarten

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “All you need to know you learned in Kindergarten.” There’s a reason for that – many fundamental things, such as manners, reading, and writing, are taught to students at a young age and stick with them throughout their lives. But what did you learn in Kindergarten that can apply to your job search? Related:10 Ways To Turn Your Job Search Into A Full-Time Job Here are five job search lessons you learned a long, long time ago...

1. Say “Please” And “Thank You”

Manners are important. When you’re vying for an open position at one of your ideal companies, which candidate do you think the employer will choose: one who was polite and kind throughout the process, or one who rubbed them the wrong way? Just like you learned during your first days of school, you need to be nice to others in order to be treated the same way in return.

2. Don’t Give Up

At age five, if you were to throw down your crayon and quit coloring, your teacher would likely provide some words of encouragement to help you feel less frustrated and continue on. In your job search, you certainly won’t have someone standing next to you holding your hand, but you do have an extensive network of support to lean on when things get tough.

3. Be Respectful

In Kindergarten, respect meant listening to your teacher, putting away the toys you played with, and sharing with other students. In your job search, this can mean a variety of different things – from treating the secretary at the company with respect; to understanding that employers need to make tough decisions when things don’t go your way.

4. Take A Nap (Or A Break)

Naptime was vital as a Kindergartner. It not only helped calm everyone down from the chaos of the day, but it also provided a much-needed break to relax. Who says you’re not allowed to nap during your job search? Everyone needs a break at some point, and whether you choose to re-charge with some shuteye or by doing something else, it can help you clear your mind and re-focus your efforts.

5. Balance Your Day

In Kindergarten, you spent a short amount of time doing a variety of different activities. From painting, to reading, to playing, to eating – you did it all. As a job seeker, it can be easy to spend your entire day doing one thing, such as applying for jobs online. However, it’s more beneficial to spend it doing several, such as networking, participating in online groups and chats, writing content related to your field, tailoring your job search documents, and more. What other lessons from Kindergarten apply to your job search?

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