Why Wait? 3 Reasons To Reconsider Halting Your Job Search This Summer

Why Wait? 3 Reasons To Reconsider Halting Your Job Search This Summer

Summer is a time of sunshine, water, nature and relaxation. For others, it’s also a time when kids are home from school, and when many plan vacation time and long weekends away. It’s only natural that many consider this the ideal time to hit “pause” on the job search. Related: 4 Ways To Keep Your Job Search Going During Summer While the inclination to hit the pause button through Labor Day is understandable, it is also based on misinformation about job market happenings in the summer. Here’s why a plan to wait until September to kick-start your search come fall may hurt you.

1. Think People Don’t Hire During The Summer? Think Again!

Businesses don’t close their doors of business because personal calendars are filled with BBQ’s and beach vacations. Companies still quit, retire and move on and companies still conduct layoffs. THERE IS NO SEASON WHERE JOBS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.

2. A Summer Job Hunt Can Improve Your Odds

The truth is that many do, in fact, postpone their job search during the summer – and wait to hit the ground running in September. For the early bird who chooses not to wait, the competition pool is smaller, and it may be easier than ever to shine and stand out.

3. Should You Choose To Wait – July And August Prep Puts You Ahead Of The Game

Getting your resume and LinkedIn profile “market ready” will not happen overnight. Whether you approach this DIY or hire a professional, from start to finish it may take a few weeks to a month before your career documents are ready for circulation and publication. Getting started on your documents at the end of July mean you’ll be ready come September to hit the ground running – weeks (and possibly months!) ahead of those who opted to wait to kick start their job search. When it comes to a competitive market wouldn’t you rather be ahead of the game? Why wait???

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