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The One Thing You’re Forgetting During Job Interviews

The One Thing You’re Forgetting During Job Interviews

When you’re preparing for job interviews, you’re likely going over your responses, thinking about what you’re going to wear, and doing as much research as you can about the company. However, you might be forgetting one important factor…your delivery.

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The way you deliver your answers says a lot about you. If you don’t do it correctly, you risk making the wrong impression. Here are some tips for owning your delivery during job interviews:

Be clear and concise.

When you ramble on, your point can get buried. You also risk looking like you don’t really know how to answer the question. Make a point to be clear and concise with your responses.

Convey confidence.

If you’re not conveying confidence in yourself or your answers, you can appear to be insecure or untrustworthy to the interviewer. Your interviewer might think, “If she don’t believe in herself, why should I take a chance on her?” So, let your confidence shine through.

Be aware of your body language.

Body language and effective communication are just as important as your actual responses during an interview. Don’t cross your arms, fidget, or slouch. Sit tall answer the interviewer’s questions confidently.

Show them you’re genuinely excited about the opportunity.

Lack of enthusiasm is a major opportunity killer. Let’s say an employer has two equally qualified candidates. One has expressed genuine excitement for the opportunity and the other has not. Which candidate is that employer more likely to choose? The one who’s clearly excited about working for the company! Why? Because this candidate connects with the company in a way that reveals his or her passion for the job. What employer doesn’t want someone like that on their team? When you’re answering the interviewer’s questions, make sure you’re showing enthusiasm. It can also help boost your confidence - And when you’re confident, it shows!

Practice, practice, practice!

This is where mock interviewing comes into play. Rehearse your butt off! The more you practice, the more confident you’ll be in your answers and delivery. So, if you’ve got an interview coming up, don’t just think about WHAT you’ll say, think about HOW you’ll say it.
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