10 Ways To Use Your Ears To Advance Your Career

Hey, listen up! Want to really accelerate AND sustain your career? Then, you've got to be a highly effective listener. As a leader, listening skills are more important than your speaking skills. No question. Related: 5 Quick Tips For Better Listening Skills Here are 10 tips for using your ears to advance your career...

1. Listen For Ideas And Central Themes

Search for the speaker's central theme or main points instead of getting lost in, or reacting to, the supportive details.

2. Judge Content, Not Delivery

Focus, to your best ability, on what the speaker is saying and try not to be unduly influenced by their way of saying or delivering the message.

3. Search For Areas Of Interest

It is extremely easy to tune out from a speaker, so work on sharing his or her enthusiasm. Search for new ideas or insights which might be beneficial to you.

4. Don't Jump To Conclusions

It's easy to assume you know the rest of a sentence or message after hearing the beginning. Avoid prejudging a message, so you can receive and evaluate the whole message.

5. Take Notes

By taking notes you sharpen your reception, understanding, and, of course, retention of the information.

6. Concentrate And Resist Distraction

External distractions include non-related things you can see or hear, or which may be impacting your other senses. Internal distractions occur when your mind wanders into unrelated memories or shifts its focus to worries, plans, or anticipations. Stay focused.

7. Use The Fast Pace Of Thought To Your Advantage

Most people can think three or four times faster than they speak. Don't let your quick mind indulge in all sorts of thoughts unrelated to the conversation. Capitalize on your thinking speed by actively sensing, interpreting, evaluating, and summarizing the messages being received.

8. Check Your Emotions

It has been said the intellect is the slave to emotions. Be sensitive to things that trigger your emotions and increase your efforts to focus on a clear reception and understanding of what is being said.

9. Exercise Your Mind

You can turn away and tune out from complicated or difficult subjects, or you can intellectually wrestle with complex information so that you will have a chance to grow and strengthen your own intellect.

10. Be An Active Listener

Follow the above suggestions. Ask questions and seek clarification. Actively share in the speaker's efforts to improve your level of understanding, whether or not you think you agree. This post was originally published at an earlier date.

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