Feeling Stressed Or Overwhelmed? A Positive Attitude Can Help!

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Does it feel like some days you can’t seem to catch a break, and you just want to throw your hands up in the air? Stop, close your eyes, take a d-e-e-p breath, and count to 10. There will be good and better days and having a positive attitude will help get you through those difficult times.

Whether you believe in fate or luck, I believe everything happens for a reason. When something bad happens, I may not understand why, but know that the universe will take care of me, and everything will be ok. Sometimes it’s a matter of being able to put things into perspective.

3 Ways To Maintain A Positive Attitude When You're Feeling Stressed

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Here are three things you can do when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed:

1. Clear your head - take a walk around the block, play some music (and dance like nobody is watching), download a relaxation app like Calm, etc. Being able to take a time out and come back calmer will do wonders to energize your mindset.

2. Think of three (3) things you’re grateful for daily – your health, having a roof over your head, eating dinner together with your family, being able to pay it forward to someone who needed help, etc. There are others who probably had a worse day than you.

3. Talk to a friend who can give you a dose of optimism – get a perspective different than yours. That positivity can be contagious.

Life Is Like The Four Seasons

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I was going through a tough time early in my career, and my mom told me that life was like the four seasons. When I was at my lowest (winter), it would get better (spring), and then I’ll hit a high (summer), which will eventually slow down (autumn). Although my mom has passed, I always remember her words of wisdom when I’m faced with that next winter.

Nothing lasts forever. I know that being determined and persistent will make me keep my eyes on the prize and that I’ll get through those tough times. You can too!

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