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Working a full-desk recruiting job is not easy. You have to not only recruit the best talent, you also have to find and establish relationships with employers so they’ll let you fill their open positions. This can be a bit overwhelming. Not only do you have to “sell” employers on the idea of letting you recruit for them, but you also have to “sell” candidates on the idea of letting you represent them. The key to success is having a plan. The problem is, most full-desk recruiters aren’t given a plan to work with! It’s up to them to figure out how to find clients and candidates.

Don’t be a ‘spray & pray’ recruiter!

A common mistake rookie full-desk recruiters make is to approach the process with a “spray & pray” mentality. They start calling every company, trying to find any open requirement they can fill. This is working harder, not smarter. Instead, you need to learn how to connect your company search to the skill sets you are most capable of recruiting. In this video, Ed and J.T. walk you through the steps you need to take to choose the right target group of employers so that you can be more strategic in the kind of talent pipeline you build. Learning to leverage your own strengths and market conditions is how you will be able to build up your business.

Which comes first… the chicken or the egg?

Full-desk recruiters often wonder if they should build up their talent pipeline before finding clients, or vice versa. The answer is: both. Ed and J.T. explain why you should divide your time to make sure you can find and fill open positions quickly. How is this accomplished? By avoiding the ‘spray & pray’ method mentioned above and choosing to proactively target specific companies and candidates. Ed and J.T. walk you through tips for narrowing down this target group strategically so that you are ensuring you get better results in your sales and sourcing activities. You can be a successful full-desk recruiter, but only if you know how to get things in gear!

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